Misunderstanding of health, how to health and health

Misunderstanding of health, how to health and health


Misunderstanding of health, how to health and health

Many times, you think that you are maintaining your health.

In fact, you are raising a disease. Instead of extending your life, you will lose your life.

First, the whole grain powder: the blood sugar rises quickly. As the saying goes, eat more grains, no sickness!

Many people know the benefits of eating whole grains, so the “grain grains” are quietly popular, and it is convenient and beneficial.

But in fact, it hurts.

Experts remind that eating cereal grains often changes the speed of blood sugar, which is not good for the body.

If you have diabetes, it is not recommended to eat.

Hyperglycemia is considered to be yin deficiency and heat in Chinese medicine. Frequently pressing Neiguan points can clear heart fire, nourish Yin liquid, and eliminate internal virtual fire, which is very beneficial for stabilizing blood.

Second, excessive walking: destroyed the World Health Organization once said: The best doctor is himself, the best medicine is time, the best exercise is “walking.”

The “sports” feature launched by the circle of friends records the number of steps per day and competes with friends.

So “the number of sun steps” has also become a trend in the circle of friends, many people more than 20,000 steps a day.

But what I never expected was that I walked every day, but it was abolished!

Every day, 15,000, out of synovitis, Mr. Liu wants to lose weight by walking away, and the number of steps taken every day is more than 15,000.

Unexpectedly, less than a week, I suffered from knee joint synovitis.

The doctor said that Mr. Liu is going too far.

It belongs to excessive exercise and has already hurt the body!

20,000 steps a day, knee effusion Zhang Ayi is more than 50 years old this year, she usually likes to exercise, often go to the nearby park to walk, basically 20,000 steps per day.

Unexpectedly, this way of pursuing health care brought her big troubles.

It is because of too much walking that it hurts some.

After a long time, more and more joint fluids should be lubricated to lubricate the joints, which formed the effusion.

He walked 30,000 steps a day and injured a patient in his 60s with a thigh. The patient weighed 60 kilograms and was 1 in height.

6 meters.

From a month and a half ago, the patient ran 15 kilometers a day, nearly 30,000 steps a day.

Just starting to exercise a little back pain is normal, but after half a month, I felt the pain in the right thigh root when I stood up. I was able to walk at the time, I thought it was a sprain, and I didn’t go to the hospital.

Later, it became more and more painful, and the patient went to the hospital. After an examination, it was discovered that the bones of the thigh were injured.

.The correct way to walk In fact, normal people should take 6000-10000 steps per day, and the mileage is 3-5 kilometers.

If you walk too much every day, you will probably be hurt!

The sputum abdomen is also called the outer knee, which directly corresponds to the knee joint. The distance from the joint bone is the closest. External application of the acupuncture point can directly stimulate the meridians and muscles of the knee, effectively improving the local blood circulation, thereby achieving the purpose of analgesic repair.

Third, chaotic vitamins: Eat a variety of vitamins, different functions, not only for the treatment of vitamin deficiency, but also for other diseases.

But some people exaggerate the role of vitamins, regardless of how sick, vitamins as a universal product, which is a misunderstanding of vitamins.

If the body is not deficient in vitamins, no matter what disease, taking vitamins is a waste, and even worsens the condition.

For example, a large amount of vitamin C in patients with gastric ulcers is not only ineffective, but also increases the stimulation of the stomach.

Usually, some people use vitamin C effervescent tablets as medicines to improve immunity, but in fact, vitamin deficiency needs to be supplemented.

Once long-term overdose of vitamin C, it will lead to urinary calculi and accelerate arteriosclerosis.

Absolutely gallstones or urinary tract stones, stimulate the gallbladder points have a good role of petrification, help patients discharge as soon as possible, reduce pain and urination discomfort.

Fourth, indiscriminate tonic: Eat a lot of people feel that “health products” are sick to prevent disease, no disease can be health care.
However, there are actually many examples of eating health care products and eating diseases.
Many people are especially healthy, but they are actually raising a disease.

For example, they go to eat a lot of tonics, causing the pulse to be heavy and tight, and the blood is not circulating.

Many long-lived people will basically not eat tonic.

I usually eat three meals a week, never eat it, the results are getting better and better, the energy is getting more and more abundant, and my brain is getting better and better.

The spleen has become the innate foundation of human beings. Stimulating the spleen and acupoints can transport the spleen and strengthen the spleen, which can reduce the spleen and stomach stagnation caused by overeating, and can also restore the deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

Fifth, eat hot: hurt the esophagus “people take food for the sky”, Chinese people love to eat, but also love “food supplement.”

Stir-fry, blast, simmer, burn, simmer, and other cooking methods, and there are things that are 鈥渉ot鈥?and 鈥渉ot鈥?

The desire in the mouth is satisfied, the burden of the digestive system is too heavy, people eat hot food, drink more hot water, but did not expect excessive diet damage to the esophagus.

Experts remind that the human esophagus is very soft and can only withstand temperatures of 50 掳 C -60 掳 C.

Beyond this temperature, the mucosa of the esophagus will be burnt.

In daily life, do not eat hot food, the temperature should be controlled below 65 掳C.

The dish that has just been out of the pan is aired and dried, and the hot pot dish that has been removed is placed in the dish for a while. The tea that has just been prepared is not to be greeted with pleasure.

Weishu is the direct acupoint of the stomach, which can comprehensively regulate the function of the stomach, help solve some stomach discomfort related to diet, and reduce stomach damage.

Intimate reminder: health, but must be scientifically healthy.

Exercise is good, but it should be moderate; hot food may get a taste, but it is likely to damage health.