Lonely beauty and persistence

Lonely beauty and persistence


Lonely beauty and persistence

Loneliness, seemingly a sad word, but contains unlimited possibilities and beauty.

Can not help but think of the words of Qiu Rubai in “Mei Lanfang”: “Whoever ruined the loneliness of Mei Lanfang ruined Mei Lanfang.

“What kind of loneliness is that makes such an extraordinary life, such a remarkable achievement.”

銆€銆€Loneliness should be the most beautiful flower that is open in the depths of the soul. It is rooted in the lonely soil, self-generated and self-realistic.

The beauty of blossoming, the joy of flowers and the silence, the hustle and bustle of the sea flowing through.

銆€銆€People should be lonely, and when they focus on a career or study, loneliness and loneliness make life more calm.

Indifferent to life, immersed in his own academic, such loneliness and loneliness, such as the flower buds that are bred, cause frustrated wind and rain, carrying the joy of conquering.

銆€銆€Loneliness is the most elegant expenditure in the spiritual field. When the pursuit of career is deep and self-sufficiency, the self-sacrifice is like the fragrance of flowers, which interprets the beauty of human nature.

銆€銆€All the impetuous innateness is obscured and abandoned, and the fragrance of the soul is reappeared, and the fineness and fineness of the loneliness.

銆€銆€The lonely person counts the flow of life, and the lonely person holds the light in the soul.

銆€銆€Perseverance in loneliness is the proof of the immortality of the soul.

銆€銆€Keep it, you can see the sunrise.

銆€銆€Keep it to be immortal.