Learn yoga to clear the meridian

Learn yoga to clear the meridian

Learn yoga to clear the meridian

The first stage: in a position that can sit comfortably for fifteen minutes to keep straight, use the index finger and middle finger of the right hand to place in the center of the forehead, and place the thumb and ring finger on both sides of the nostril to control the air flow through the nostril.

Let the left and right nostrils practice five complete breaths, preferably: when the air comes in and out of the nostrils, there is no sound; the duration of exhalation and breathing (one to five) is the same.

  The second stage: exhaling and breathing alternately through the left and right nostrils, breathing deep and natural.

The position of the hand and the number of exercises are the same as the first stage.

  [Note]During some breathing exercises, you should not have the feeling of shortness of breath. Breathing should be natural, deep and comfortable without the need to restrict effort. Under the conditions you feel comfortable, gradually increase the amount of air you breathe.

  The third stage: advanced method of clearing meridian interest rate adjustment (internal suspension).

When you can practice the first and second stages comfortably, you can start the third stage.

At this stage, the time to inhale, rest, and exhale (one to five or eight in dark) should be approximated.

  The fourth stage: internal and external suspension.

At this stage, no matter if you breathe or breathe, the time should be changed.

  [Note]People with hypertension, intracranial pressure, or vertigo suffer from suspending.

  Residual effects of clearing meridian pacific method can remove toxins in the blood system in terms of physical health.

Gives the body extra oxygen to nourish the body.

All the old breath in the lungs is also excreted.

In general, if done correctly, the body will feel refreshed, peaceful and peaceful, and the heart will become peaceful and clear.

  This exercise helps clear the “obstacles” in the meridian system and allows the vitality of life to flow through the meridian channels.

Withdraw all kinds of human senses and consciousness from the objects of perception.