[How to Marinate Microwave Barbecue]_How to Make_How to Make

[How to Marinate Microwave Barbecue]_How to Make_How to Make

[How to Marinate Microwave Barbecue]_How to Make_How to Make

Microwave ovens have become a household appliance that most families will have. In the past, microwave ovens were a symbol of family wealth, but now microwave ovens are becoming more and more common.

When using a microwave oven, there are many things that can be made using the microwave oven.

In addition to the daily meals, the microwave can also be used for instant noodles and grilled meat.

Be sure to marinate grilled meat before choosing oven grilled meat, so what are the methods of curing grilled meat?

Microwave roasting method: 1. Ingredients: 300 grams of pork tenderloin, oyster sauce, eighteen fresh, spiced powder, cumin, an egg, cooking wine, salt, chicken essence.

2. Wash the tenderloin, cut into 1 cm thick pieces, and pat loose on both sides with the back of the knife.

3, seasoning wine, one egg, oyster sauce, eighteen fresh, spiced powder, cumin, salt, chicken marinated for 3 hours.

4. Use a microwave oven with a barbecue function, taking 800W as an example, the second level of light wave combination, 70% light wave + 30% microwave combination.

5. Put the marinated tenderloin in a porcelain dish. It is not recommended to use aluminum foil. It flashes fiercely when microwaved, 16 minutes.

6. Turn over once in the middle and brush the cooking oil again.

7, use a knife to scratch the thickest part of the meat, you can see no blood.

Ingredients Pork fat stewed meat eight methods / steps Seasoning: South milk, XO sauce, oyster sauce First brush the south milk and color it for one hour, then brush with oyster sauce to taste, then brush it again after one hour, the total amount is about 15 gramsBrush the XO sauce in an hour, it takes about eight hours to taste, and 10 grams of heat need to be heated twice before and after the microwave is turned on the high heat for three minutes, and the meat is grilled for three minutes after turning over.Roll it up, but it must be ripe.

According to the thickness of the meat and the wide squeeze, shape the plate, and add the precautions for the plate decoration. Be patient when marinating the roasted meat.

In the microwave oven, be sure to grasp the time according to the thickness of the meat. Do not cook it outside but it is still raw!