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Whitening project plan for Ms. Amy


Whitening project plan for Ms. Amy

How long is life, and how short is it.

In people’s long and short decades of spring and autumn, each day has different encounters and different stories.

However, there are some things that will persist in this life, and whitening is one of the paranoid pursuits of many women.

It is because you set up a life plan for your life in the morning, and your whitening project should also be planned well.

  20-year-old whitening workplace freshman planning object: young women 20-25 years old have just stepped out of campus and entered the workplace, and youth has spread endlessly. Every beautiful proposition is fresh and every personal life problem wants to try.

The biggest advantage is that it has good enough hormone secretion, and the disadvantage is that it doesn’t have enough budget to buy luxury care products recommended by the magazine.

  Whitening record: The protagonist’s skin is basically in good condition, with water and oil imbalance problems, and hidden dangers of acne.

In the development of skin care habits, life habits have been transformed from campus-type to workplace-type, eager for clear youthful skin.

The cognition of whitening is still at the stage of “one white covering three ugliness”, and there are not many whitening dead spots.

  Planning budget: 100-500 yuan per item.

  One of the planned coordinates began to work overtime and I encountered a large project at work. It was very exciting. Unfortunately, I had to stay up all night to catch up.

Although I would stay up late for exams in school, I would always sleep afterwards and would not face the computer for such a long time.

When I went home, I fell asleep and washed my face in a hurry in the morning before going to work. After a week, I found that my face was almost darkened, and the pores and acne marks seemed more serious. The skin easily entered a sub-healthy state.

  Solution points: The fact that whitening and isolation products are suitable for daily use tells us that the computer screen protective cover is untrustworthy, and the LCD screen is also untrustworthy. Maybe it is radiation. It may eliminate the adsorption of static electricity. Long-term sitting is the most common for computers.One of the racial killers.

Isolation cream with whitening effect is your favor for makeup. It also provides proper protection on days without makeup. If it can be used with makeup remover with whitening effect, the effect will be doubled.

  Planning coordinates two Although the unscrupulous summer vacation of the first long seaside student days is gone, the departmental annual tourism finally goes to the long-awaited tropical coast.

In addition to purchasing brown and colorful dresses, looking at a colleague’s list of travel essentials, I suddenly discovered that the simple sunscreen used at the time of military training seemed to be insufficient.

After I can’t get back from vacation, my skin tone is the most “tropical” in the office, right?

  Key points of the plan: Whitening sunscreen that effectively resists sunlight. We have heard the most exaggerated sunscreen effect: Going to the beach for a week, instead of being black, it is whiter.

Maybe there is a factor in the contrast between the face and the skin, but the current whitening sunscreen can eliminate ultraviolet rays and will help you do more whitening homework.

Of course, the whitening effect obtained by contrast is not beautiful, so sunscreen on the body is just as important.

  Although the first annual final award of Planning Coordinates III usually buys a few pieces of beauty products, but when the first year-end award is issued, it is still the first choice for many fresh people in the workplace when they treat themselves with a new set of skin care products.

The so-called everything is difficult at the beginning, the more basic the more difficult to choose, especially the small selfishness that hopes to take care of whitening.

Is there a set of skin care products that can make your face white and moisturized without increasing the burden on young and exuberant skin?

  Solution points: Basic skin care products with whitening function are complained that “drying” is a nightmare of early whitening products. In fact, major brands will pay special attention to the “moisturizing” indicator when launching new whitening basic skin care products.Newcomers in the workplace need only pay attention to choosing a relatively refreshing type.

Whitening and moisturizing are very important for young skin with acne sequelae. Choose a basic skin care product that can take into account, so that you can easily have clear and burdenless skin.

  30-year-old whitening high-voltage elite planners: 25-35-year-old professional women are the year of their careers, the mainstay of the department, the work and love efforts in recent years will cause the tone of life,Nursing is the most unrelievable period.

After each major planning case is resolved, the skin will be dull and suspected of being corroded. I ca n’t wait to apply a mask every night to remove rust.

  Whitening record: The protagonist has a lot of nightlife and entertainment. He often travels on business. The schedule is super launch. The pressure is heavy. Dullness and fine lines begin to appear.

Have good skin care habits, but lack sufficient skin care time.

Need to stay radiant at all times.

  Planning budget: 300-800 yuan for a single product. One of the planning coordinates of the aircraft in the toilet of the aircraft is always a bit difficult to fly across the ocean. Instead, work can pass the time faster.

Although the BlackBerry can’t be turned on, the e-mail is written on the portable computer and can be sent as soon as the plane lands.

Close the computer and walk into the bathroom of the aircraft. The complexion reflected in the artificial light in the mirror is not so pleasing to the eye. If you look closely, there are faint stains on the face.

Believing in “Today’s Affairs Today”, you can’t wait to do something right now to solve this trickier problem than work.

  Solution points: Whitening products that are convenient to carry around are portable and are the best friends of professional women.

Blemish pens, portable facial masks and sprays, and even oral whitening nutritional products are the best props to spoil yourself after oral administration. They are light and do not occupy volume and weight in a carry-on bag. They are the first element of choice.

The whitening sunscreen powder that can be secretly whitened during makeup repair is more versatile than your continuous sleeves. It can quickly remove the shine of the T zone, evenly release the whitening ingredients, and has a perfect sun protection index. It is very safe to use.  At the age of planning the coordinate TOP10 dinner at this age, it seems that some important things are achieved at dinner.

There are definitely so many important dinners in a woman’s life that can be counted in the TOP10, becoming a work dinner for a big client who talks with the boss’s table before being promoted and decides her career prospects, and.

Right’s long-awaited date, even foreboding the holiday or anniversary of his marriage proposal.

Who doesn’t want to appear in the most perfect image at such a dinner?

Is there a way to make your face shine more than the lights of a fine dining restaurant?

  Key points of the plan: The concentrated whitening mask will do something for these foreseeable moments!

A set of thoughtful whitening masks, full of anticipation for a week, and the light of the whole night.

Watching your face light up day by day advances joy and extends happiness and success.

  Three decisive moments in planning coordinates. There are decisive moments in photography, decisive moments in life, and beauty.

The old saying in China is “a white hood hides all ugliness”. The age of 25 to 35 is the key year for the change of appearance from “depending on parents” to “depending on yourself.” Whitening and maintenance during this period is definitely one of the highest priorities.

Some acne scars in adult acne, because of the pressure and yellowish complexion, and even some spots that have just secretly appeared, how do you hope to find a simple and effective comprehensive solution for efficiency, if this is an advertising plan,You will definitely call it “the decisive moment in whitening”.

  Solution points: Immediate Whitening Essence Now when a friend asks me about skin care, my first recommended product is always an essence, because a good essence has the right remedy and immediate effect. More importantly, it representsA confidence in skin care results.

Don’t let your whitening confidence pass away in tepidness, let a good whitening essence give yourself a chance to decide to change.

  40-year-old white-aged senior management planners: 35-45-year-old mature women, who have already achieved little work, are company executives, or have their own business.Hua remains confident.

  Whitening record: The protagonist is mature skin, but it is properly maintained with a few wrinkles and spots.

  Although work is still possible, the lifestyle is relatively stable, and there is enough time, money and fun to enjoy life.

The main skin care requirement is whitening + anti-debilitating, and it is necessary to draw a clear line with “yellow face woman”.

  Planning budget: around 800 yuan for one product. One of the first wrinkles in planning coordinates and the first one found in the mirror is one of the difficult times that every woman has to face. I believe that this moment can be left to 35 years old.The woman after that is already a beauty expert.

However, the problems caused by wrinkles will not make the appearance of wrinkles straight, and the skin texture and firmness that change with it will also threaten the brilliance and color of the skin.

Especially the sensitive areas around the eyes and the corners of the mouth, the dullness that can not be attacked for a long time, is actually the visual effect brought about by wrinkles.

Since everyone has to face it, the mentality can be more positive. Even if we can’t reverse the time, we won’t have a panacea for beauty and whitening.

  Solution points: The intensive whitening and anti-aging treatment is not a big problem for retaining beauty. For mature skin, anti-aging and whitening are not separate battles.

Completing an intensive treatment course is like helping you start and win a battle against whitening and anti-aging. After condensing the beauty salon treatments into a small box, it is especially suitable for a weekend afternoon and a leisurely hospitality.Once on your own skin, you don’t have to waste the round trip to the beauty salon.

  The second step in planning coordinates is luxury. This is an age where you can easily own and control luxury goods. Many things that look unattainable or inconceivable when you are younger are like irons and clouds under your successful cultivation field.Suitable for hot stamping.

In the case of whitening, some luxury products really need to realize the beauty of it when they are needed. So what exactly fulfills the ultimate function of whitening and highlights the added value of luxury?

  Key points of the plan: Whitening equipment with high-tech content goes to the top beauty salons for professional care. The most extravagant for mature senior executives may not be the price but also the time.

There are many beauty instruments for the home to help you achieve this goal.

Regardless of whether their principle is introduced or reborn, for those who have more urgent whitening and anti-aging needs, their effects are by no means comparable to traditional beauty products.

  Planning Coordinates III Forever Impromptu Mashup Spirit At this age, you know how to use the master’s cheongsam with top leather goods. Your home has cutting-edge oil paintings and famous calligraphy. Your life is like a wonderful impromptu mashup with countless elements.Bring it sparkling.

At this time you will find that facing almost the same multiple-choice questions as when you were young, are there any skin care products that can meet the skin’s basic anti-aging needs while also taking care of whitening?

Life is indeed one cycle after another, but our choices are not less and less, but more and more.

  Key points of the plan: The top skin care products that combine anti-debilitating and whitening are beautiful without traces, and if you lift heavy weights, you may have discovered that this is a realm that women of any age need to realize in the process of pursuing beauty.

Those top whitening skin care products have already prepared the moisturizing and anti-debilitating function for mature skin, because behind light weight calmness, it is often meticulous thinking and unremitting efforts.

The so-called top level is to make you easier with intimate help.

How to save the embarrassment of hair makeup removal _1

How to save the embarrassment of “hair removal” for hair

Who hasn’t encountered the embarrassment of “undressing” hair several times?
Messy, unruly hair instantly distracts and loses self-confidence, and it seems quite difficult to deal with them.
In fact, it is only a matter of minutes to deal with these embarrassing situations that are most often encountered in summer.
  Embarrassment 1 I like to wear a hat to protect from the sun, but after removing the hat at the office, my hair was stuck on the scalp, and the previous careful dressing was wasted.
  发型师妙招  常备密齿梳 搭配丰盈造型产品  现在要做的就是赶紧躲进洗手间,对着镜子将头发一片片提起,再用齿密集一些的梳子轻轻倒梳发根部分,最后将头发都放下Then, use a comb to smooth the outer layer of hair, cover up the frizz on the inside, and spray the hair styling product to make the hair plump.
  Recommendation: label.
m Haiyan Qu Hair Spray Links to the Internet
You can prepare a box of baby powder in the bag. After combing the hair roots to make them fluffy, gently wipe the powder on the hair roots and rub with your fingers to add more texture to the hair.
  Embarrassment 2 At night, I fell asleep with my hair wet, and turned into a messy lion head early in the morning.
  Hair stylist ‘s tricks: Watering can first. Stretch mousse to keep up. If you want to change the shape of your hair, moisturizing your hair is the most basic. You should always have a watering can in your home.
In addition, you can put a damp hot towel on the top of your head between the brushing intervals to suppress the disheveled hair.
Afterwards, you can use some elastically supported hair products for curls, and twist them with your fingers in the direction of the curl. For straight hair, you can use some softening liquid or leave-in conditioner, and apply it to the hair tips for half a minute to dry.
  特别推荐:蔻丽恒卷摩丝  链接网络靓招 如果光打湿头发,弯卷的头发可能更卷,可以试试把毛巾包着放进微波炉里,加热到烫,跟浸热水的效果一样, And will not touch the water.
In addition, you can lay a silk pillow on the pillow.
  Awkward 3 In the big sun, the hair color always looks dull.
  Hair stylist’s tricks: using splints to increase texture and gloss. Many of the hairstyle products will instantly enhance the gloss of the hair and add moisture and protein to the hair.
In addition, you can make good use of modeling gadgets.
For straight hair, you can use a splint to slightly clip the hair, and then use a little oily styling products, the hair will be much brighter, curly hair can be applied with some lightening wax or some glitter gel.
  Link to the internet. If the date lasts into the night, it is best to put a box of glitter powder in the bag and dipped a little glitter powder on the hair and dab it on the hair.
  Embarrassment 4: After a busy day, the greasy feeling of the hair gradually aggravates. How can I hide it temporarily?
  Hair stylist’s tricks: Prepare one or two simple hair accessories. It is really not easy to temporarily hide oily hair. The easiest way is to simply change the hairstyle.
The most important principle is not to show the scalp as much as possible. Generally, the oil on the top of the head is more obvious, especially at the seams.
If it is long hair, you can comb the two frontal corners to the middle of the top of the head to make an inverted triangle. Use the inverted comb method to make the hair fluffy, and then clamp it with a hair clip.Use wax to attack the poison with poison, grab the strands of texture of the hair, for the same reason, do not expose the scalp.
  Special recommendation :: abel.
m matte soft hair cleansing spray link network beautiful tricks When the hair is almost groomed, you can use some hair spray, or fragrance spray can be used on the hair, make the hair more clean and perfect.
  Embarrassment 5 In hot weather, the hair tips are always particularly disobedient, and become very frizzy and curled after rubbing with clothes.
  Hair stylist’s tricks: repair the hair ends and add volume to help out. If the hair ends are always disobedient, it is likely because it is easy to be injured.
Dry and split ends are most likely to become curled. The way to draw the bottom of the kettle is to cut off the damaged ends and use some straight and straight hair care products at the end of the hair.
In addition, you can just curl the ends of the hair with a curl to make it a little radian, and it will not look so frizzy visually.
  Special recommendation: Sassoon’s smooth and bright straight mousse. Link to the web. Apply wet cleansing essence on the tips of hair and let it dry naturally.
In addition, when you wake up in the morning, use only shampoo to wash the roots and conditioner only on the ends of the hair, which is more conducive to lasting.
  Embarrassment 6: Each time you use straight bars to clamp your hair, your hair not only clings to your scalp, but it is also super susceptible to static electricity.
  Hair stylist’s tricks: Divide the area before the clip. It is generally not recommended to use a hot splint to clamp the hair because it is easy to hurt the roots.
If you are skilled, you can clip it from the hair, pay attention to the hair before the clip is completely dry, and then the area is large, about 2 cm thick at a time, pulled up to 90 degrees with the scalp, and it must have a certain degreeRadian, do not pinch repeatedly, so it is natural and without static electricity.
  Special recommendation: Kashi Thermal Energy Vitality Milky Links Network Tips Comb the hair after washing to keep it in a natural vertical state, and let the water flow down to straighten the hair.
You can also gently dry your hair and tie a few more rubber bands until you finish your hair, then lie down and sleep, and your hair will straighten up the next day.
  Embarrassment 7: Because the head is flat and the hair is soft, the hairstyle done in the morning becomes soft and cramped by the afternoon.
  Hair stylist’s tricks: Use strong secondary styling products. Before blowing hair in the morning, it is best to use some products with outstanding support and elasticity to make the styling lasting.In addition, if you want to use some strong secondary styling products, you can still comb through the comb after wiping, not like some styling products. After use, you cannot comb with a comb, which will cause white shavings.

When the hairstyle fails, moisten the hair slightly with water and grab the fluffy shape.

  Special recommendation: Paris L’Oreal Dynamic Plastic Hair Gel Links Network Beauty Tips In the morning, first spray the hair roots with some micro-styling products, and then use two or three large-diameter hair curlers to curl the hair on the back of the head.liquid.

Toddler non-mydriatic 100% optics is too high

Toddler non-mydriatic 100% optics is too high

[Guide]minors under 18 should go to the hospital for optometry, because children’s vision adjustment ability is very strong, especially for preschool children, if they do not dilated pupils, 100% will be corrected.

If you want to change to normal power glasses after matching high, the adaptation process will be very difficult.

  With the completion of the middle and high school entrance examinations, the summer vacation will begin again, and the Eye Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University, which has quite “competitive” experience, has begun preparations, waiting for a two-month “hard battle”-judging from previous years’ experienceDuring the summer vacation, an average of 1200 opticians per day, which does not include those who come to return for consultation.

  Although the green channel has been opened, and medical staff are deployed all over the line . but the number of children who can come here to get glasses is still limited.

The reporter knows that at least half of the children in Guangzhou choose to wear glasses in an optical shop, and the optical shop can perform mydriasis.

In this regard, ophthalmologists remind parents to pay attention: minors under 18 should go to the hospital for optometry, because children’s vision adjustment ability is very strong, especially for preschool children, if you do n’t dilate, you will be given glasses, 100% willOvercorrected.

And once the degree is high, myopia will follow the surge.

  In addition, do not play games crazy at home during the summer vacation, because using your eyes too much, myopia will deepen.

  Excessive degrees?

Can not be lowered into place in one step, Liu Wenyan, a senior optometrist at the Eye Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University, said that the biggest benefit of adolescents to the hospital for optometry is dilation.

“Minors under the age of 18 have insufficient vision stability. Because of the strong eye adjustment function, opticians can easily make judgments based on the subjective reactions of children, thereby causing errors.

He said that mydriasis is to use the potion to suppress the subjective adjustment function of the eyes, so that the diopter can be objectively known, and the power will be more accurate, but mydriasis is not allowed in ordinary optical shops, and now at least halfThe child is tested at the optician’s store, so the degree of matching is likely to be far from the correct degree.

  ”Sometimes it was a few baidus.

Especially for preschool children, whoever wears glasses without dilation will be corrected 100%, that is, the degree is too high.

This is because young children’s eyes are too powerful.

“Liu Wenyan said that once the degree is high, myopia will also increase rapidly, because if children’s eyes are accommodated with” overcorrected “glasses, it means that excessive adjustment is used, and in the past myopia power will really go up.
  ”For children, if they want to change to normal power glasses after matching, the adaptation process will be very difficult. The power difference is too far to be reduced to one step. Take it slowly, otherwise the child cannot accept it; if the power is too overcorrectedAfter 50 degrees, the child itself has no symptoms, so forget it.

“Liu Wenyan said.

  Students who love cool, big frames or parameters that are not up to standard are also playing the “student” brand, as well as optical shops in Renmin Middle Road, Guangzhou.

The reporter visited and found that the main advertisements of a large number of shopfronts are all low-priced, trendy student glasses packages, 100 yuan can be optometry, optics, lenses and frames are readily available. Buying plastic frames alone can only cost tens of yuan or even clean.

  Cheng Tsai has five pairs of plastic large-frame glasses with different colors. He said that the glasses are highly decorative and good for clothes in summer. Xiaowen said with a smile: The benefits of glasses are that they can go out without makeup and wake up.Wonderful place.

  The reporter found that when students bought their own glasses, the most important thing was whether the frame was trendy and beautiful, and they didn’t care much about the accuracy of the optometry.

Therefore, Liu Wenyan said that young children’s opticians should not be “bottom upside down”. The initial ones are accurate optometry and accurate optics, otherwise the degree will increase day by day and develop into deep myopia, which will lay a lot of hidden dangers for adult eye health.
  ”Too many fashionable plastic glasses in the optical shop are too large in mirror, which may lead to interpupillary distance and interpupillary height. These are very important parameters of optics, so parents have to strictly check. After all, for myopiaFor children, correcting vision and protecting vision are the first priority. Based on this, the appearance can be properly considered.

Liu Wenyan reminded.

  Playing games crazy during the summer vacation, beware of soaring a hundred or two hundred “Many children come to the optician in the last week before the start of school, or they and their parents do not remember this thing, only to think about it in a hurry; otherwise, they have experienced aIn the first leave, the degree has quietly changed.

There are also too many of them.

“Liu Wenyan reminded parents to pay attention, don’t indulge your child to play games at home during summer vacation, otherwise it will probably stimulate myopia to deepen, and the serious ones may even soar by one or two Baidu!

  It is said that a survey released by the China Children’s Center involving children in five cities shows that children spend an average of 0 days from Monday to Friday on TV and computer games.

85 hours a day on weekends.

8 hours, winter and summer vacations reach 2 every day.

32 hours.

  ”If the actual parent is not supervised, the child may spend much more time watching the screen during the holidays than this number.

It’s not uncommon to watch for five or six hours without having to go to the bathroom or sleeping.

“Experts say that children on vacation are like runaway ponies, out of the management of school teachers, and have little parental supervision during the day. They are likely to invest in uncontrolled Internet, play games, watch TV, and watch videos.

Experts suggest that in order to prevent myopia and to enrich summer life, parents need to arrange some appropriate outdoor activities for their children, such as swimming, playing basketball, traveling, participating in summer camps, etc. Playing outside can not only exercise, open up horizons, and improve interpersonal communicationIt can also help children relax their eyes, not to start school one by one, only to find that the original glasses are not enough.

Drinking milk and chocolate increases the incidence of stones

Drinking milk and chocolate increases the incidence of stones

The thicker the milk, the better. The so-called thick milk refers to adding more milk powder and less water to the milk so that the concentration of the milk exceeds the normal ratio.

If infants and young children often eat thick milk, it will cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, and even refusal to eat, which will cause acute hemorrhagic enteritis.

  Hot milk can’t be sweetened. Milk is best with sucrose.

However, the sugar and milk are heated together, so that the lysine in the milk will react with the sugar at a high temperature (80 ° C-100 ° C) to generate the harmful substance glycosyllysine.

Therefore, the boiled milk should be aired to a warm temperature (40 ° C-50 ° C) before the sugar is dissolved in the milk.

  Milk and chocolate cause calculus. Liquid milk, plus chocolate, and calcium in milk cause a chemical reaction with oxalic acid in chocolate to produce “calcium oxalate”, which increases the incidence of urinary stones.

  Do not drink milk before and after taking the medicine. It is best not to drink milk for 1-2 hours before and after taking the medicine, because milk will affect the body’s absorption rate of the drug; it is also easy to form a covering film on the surface of the drug, so that calcium, magnesium and other mineral ions in milkChemical reactions with drugs basically reduce the efficacy and may cause harm to the body.

  Milk added rice soup non-nutritive milk contains vitamin A, while rice soup and porridge are mainly starch, which will destroy vitamin A.

  Milk does not have to be boiled. Generally, the temperature requirement for milk sterilization is not high. It takes 3 minutes at 70 ° C and 6 minutes at 60 ° C.

After boiling, the calcium in the milk will cause the precipitation of phosphoric acid, thereby reducing the nutritional value of the milk.

  Condensed milk is not a substitute for milk. Condensed milk is a milk product made by evaporating fresh milk to 2/5 of its original capacity and adding 40% sucrose to the can.

Condensed milk is too sweet and must be replaced with 5-8 times water.

But when the sweetness meets the requirements, often the concentration of protein and adults is also reduced by half compared to fresh milk.

  Microwave hot milk is unhealthy. Using a microwave oven to heat milk for too long will cause the protein in milk to be affected by high temperature. It will change from a liquid state to a gel state, causing deposits to appear and affecting milk quality.

A glass of about 250 ml of milk is heated in the microwave for about 1 minute.

Symptoms of nasal fractures in young children

Symptoms of nasal fractures in young children

Symptoms of nasal bridge fractures in young children are the most common nosebleeds and local pain, and severe cases may occur shock.

  (A) Simple contusion shows swelling of the external nose and subcutaneous bruising.

  (2) Those who have fractured nasal bones and have dislocation show the collapse or deflection of the nasal bridge.

When the violence came from a crime, the ipsilateral nose bridge subsided and the opposite side bulged.

Positive violence often fractures the bilateral nasal bones, forming a saddle nose.

After 2-4 hours, the soft tissue of the nose swelled, cracked and covered the deformity.

There was local tenderness at the diagnosis, and you could feel asymmetry of the nasal bones and bone friction sound at both ends.

If the nasal mucosa is torn, subcutaneous emphysema may occur after blowing the nose, and it is best to twist it.

  (3) If there is a fracture or dislocation of the nasal septum, nasal congestion may occur, the nasal septum ribs extend the midline, the oblique nasal cavity protrudes near the nasal vestibule, the mucosa is torn, and the tibia or bone is exposed.

If a hematoma occurs under the mucosa of the nasal septum, it will show swelling vertically or on both sides of the septum.

  Open fractures are often comminuted fractures, with the exception of nasal and maxillofacial soft tissue injuries, and foreign bodies often remain.

  When the diagnosis is not clear, a lateral X-ray film of the nose shows a fracture line and bone subsidence to confirm the diagnosis.

Those with obvious collapse of the root of the nose should take X-rays (nasal condyle, lateral skull, etc.) to exclude ethmoid sinus, frontal sinus, and maxillary sinus fractures. Attention should also be paid to the presence of cerebrospinal fluid nasal leaks in the skull base fractures.Reddish nosebleeds, the nosebleeds are tested for sugar, and those who are sugar-positive are cerebrospinal fluid nasal leaks.

Can’t fall asleep over and over again?

How to cause insomnia

Can’t fall asleep over and over again?
How to cause insomnia

Among the various causes of insomnia, mental factors play a very important role.

Dr. Zhou Nanhua said that at least 50% to 60% of patients with insomnia are caused by a variety of mental factors.

  Sub-health watched young people’s reporters analyze the calls and found that the proportion of young people was too high.

A mother was anxious over the phone. Her daughter was only 20 years old. This year’s college entrance examination was too stressful, and she often couldn’t sleep at night. After the college entrance examination, she was obviously better.

Recently, my daughter has accepted the university admission notice, everything is as expected, but recently I can’t sleep again and again.

  A 25-year-old young man also called. Because of the nature of his work, he often had to work night shifts. It was his turn every two days. He kept falling by the “jet lag”. Now he was in a state of pain: going to work during the dayI ca n’t sleep at night; I ca n’t sleep during the day at work, but I ca n’t change my job all of a sudden.

  A woman was anxious for her husband and called.

Her husband is only in his 30s, and he is already a leader of a large company. When he returns home, he often thinks about work. There is a lot of pressure. Recently, the medical examination has detected high dialysis, and his sexual life is not very harmonious.

  Another 30-year-old man said that he was doing text work, he was usually stressed, and his life was not very regular. Sometimes he worked overtime, slept late, woke up late in the morning, and had nothing short.Activities, usually eat more greasy, recently I always feel tired, uncomfortable, went to the hospital and found nothing wrong.

  Hong Shan mussel experts said that the phenomenon of “sub-health” among young people is quite many, we must find the main cause of discomfort and then self-regulate.

It is suggested that there should be a clear difference between work and life, change some bad habits, try to have a regular life, and exercise appropriately to balance your diet.

Sub-health will slowly stay away.

  Among the telephones that many sleepless people come to consult at night, insomnia accounts for a large part, and the phone in the hands of Dr. Zhou Nanhua, an expert in the insomnia clinic of the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, could not be put down.

  The first woman who consulted Dr. Zhou had been suffering from insomnia for two years, and she expressed the voice of many insomniacs-“love and fear” about the bed.

“Love” is because the body is extremely tired and I want to sleep in bed. “Fear” is worried that I can’t sleep in bed.

To keep herself asleep, she started taking sleeping pills, gradually increasing from one capsule a day to four capsules today.

  According to Dr. Zhou, there was a patient who had a good sleep quality and slept on the pillow. Later, he had to stay in bed for half an hour to fall asleep because of work and life issues.As a result, I could n’t sleep all night without taking medicine, and I really lost sleep.

  Dr. Zhou introduced that older people had more insomnia, and now young people have more and more insomnia.

The insomnia clinic of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has only been listed for more than a month. There are about 20 outpatients every day, of which young people account for replacement.

  Among the various causes of insomnia, mental factors play a very important role.
Dr. Zhou Nanhua said that at least 50% to 60% of patients with insomnia are caused by a variety of mental factors.

For insomnia caused by mental factors, the effect of drug treatment will not be ideal. The key is to remove the psychological barrier of the patient, so that the patient can conduct psychological consultation and treatment.

  Dr. Zhou Nanhua hopes to remind the public through the evening paper that accidental insomnia is normal and should not be regarded as a disease; the other is not to abuse drugs.

Adhere to the right amount of exercise every day, listen to light music before going to bed, and develop a good routine.

Ten Habits to Get Healthy on the Black List

Ten Habits to Get Healthy on the “Black List”

Some small casual habits in life are likely to bury huge hidden dangers to health.
According to a health management agency’s analysis and investigation of the results of physical examinations of adults, it was found that 10 kinds of small habits that people don’t take for granted are unfortunately on the health “black list”.
  Tenth place: drink too much coffee or tea.
Moderate amounts of coffee and tea are good for the body, but excessive amounts can irritate the stomach and affect sleep.
  Little common sense: Coffee: Judging from recent foreign media reports, coffee may be leading the latest trend in healthy eating.
However, don’t assume that you upgrade the coffee in your hand from a medium cup to an oversized cup, and you will become healthier.
Most researchers agree that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that the benefits of coffee have reached the point where those who do not drink coffee are encouraged to change their habits.
In addition, no one has found the daily coffee consumption that is most beneficial to health.
The response to coffee is different from person to person: a small cup of coffee can make a person anxious and nervous, but some people can drink 10 cups and still fall asleep all night.
The relationship between coffee and health has not been rigorously demonstrated. Experts believe that the quality of coffee varies from person to person.
  About drinking tea: There are actually three types of tea, green tea, black tea, and oolong tea.
These three kinds of tea are not good for the human body due to their cold and heat properties, depending on your physical type.
Green tea is cold, black tea is hot, and oolong’s properties are between black and green tea, which is flat.
Drink tea appropriately. Drinking too much tea is the same as eating a certain kind of food.
Many people with yang deficiency are drinking green tea.
If you drink green tea for a long time, you will have a deficiency of cold.
If you are already accustomed to drinking tea, it is recommended to drink oolong tea because it is more peaceful in nature.
  Ninth place: I like hot food.
Eating too hot will damage the intestinal tract and body functions. Usually, eating more foods that are close to your body temperature can delay gastrointestinal aging and help people live longer.
  Little common sense: diet enters the gastrointestinal tract, and the mouth and esophagus are the only way to go.
The “high temperature” diet contacts the digestive tract and oral mucosa, which can cause damage, ulceration, and bleeding of the epithelium. If repeated irritation is caused, cancer may be induced.
Therefore, people who are accustomed to hot rice and drink hot drinks have a high risk of cancer in the mouth and esophagus.
  Experts recommend eating less spicy food after the age of 40.
Oral leukoplakia caused by liking to eat numb, spicy and hot food is closely related to the occurrence of oral cancer.
The reason why it turns into cancer is mainly related to local physical and chemical stimulation.
This is also the key to eating less hemp, spicy, and hot food after the age of 40. Otherwise, these heavy flavor foods will continue to stimulate the oral cavity, and then directly induce oral cancer.
Therefore, people over 40 should pay attention to the presence of white irritable rough plaques. If the mucous membrane is rough, there is a foreign body sensation or the taste changes, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
If there are white spots, pay attention to changes in white spots, such as whether there are erythema around the white spots, plaques have become hard, accompanied by bleeding, ulcers and other phenomena should be particularly vigilant.
  Eighth place: Drink too little water.
Experts from the Ministry of Health said that it is best for everyone to drink 2 liters of water a day, and water should be properly replenished between morning and three meals.
  Little common sense: Replenish water carefully in the early morning: Many women regard drinking water after getting up as a daily homework, and figure it out to intestinal laxative, reduce blood viscosity, and make the whole person look watery.
But how to replenish water in the morning to be healthier?
In fact, there are no rules, and breakfast hydration varies from person to person.
  People who are thin, white, and have a cold constitution are not suitable for drinking sub-temperature milk, fruit juice or cold water in the morning. They can be replaced by warm soup and porridge.
  Freshly squeezed juice is not suitable for the empty stomach in the morning, and it should be consumed with breakfast even in summer.
  Replenishing water and avoiding salt in the morning, thick broth in soup, and salty coriander soup are not suitable for the morning, which will only increase the hunger of the body in the morning.
  Hydration before meals is the most nourishing stomach: Do you still need to hydrate before meals?
Doesn’t that dilute the gastric juice and affect digestion?Western food has an appetizing step before meals. The reason is to use soup to mobilize appetite, lubricate the esophagus, and prepare for meals.

So, hydration before meals has the same meaning. Before entering solid food, drink a half cup (about 100 ml), which can be indoor fruit juice, yogurt, warm rock sugar chrysanthemum water or light teaOr a small bowl of thick appetizing soup is a good way to nourish the stomach.

  Drink more invisible water: Some people don’t seem to drink water all day, because the water absorbed by food is enough to meet their needs.

Food is also edible. Certain rice is rich in 60%, and porridge is even richer.

Opening the food composition table is not serious. The volume of vegetables and fruits generally exceeds 70%. Even if you only eat 500 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, you can get 300?
400 ml of water (with two concubines).

Coupled with the daily diet is dry and thin mix, so get 1500 from three meals?
2000 ml of water is not difficult.

It is better to make full use of the opportunity of three meals to hydrate, and choose more fruits and vegetables and non-salty soup and porridge, the hydration effect is good.

  Seventh place: Hard bowel movements.

Excessive defecation can strengthen the heart contraction, blood pressure will suddenly rise, causing cerebral hemorrhage.

  Common sense When the elderly defecates excessively, it can cause changes in coronary arteries and cerebral blood flow. Due to the decrease in cerebral blood flow, fainting can occur during defecation. Coronary arterial insufficiency may cause angina, myocardial infarction and hypertensionCerebrovascular accidents, paralysis, and rupture of aneurysms, cardiac mural thrombus displacement, arrhythmias, and even sudden death.

  Due to the low tension of the colon muscle layer, megacolon disease can occur. Increased intra-abdominal pressure can cause or exacerbate hemorrhoids when forced defecation, and damage the anal canal during forced defecation can cause perianal disease.

Intestinal obstruction, fecal ulcers, urinary retention, and fecal incontinence are reported after fecal impaction, as well as spontaneous perforation of the colon or sigmoid torsion.

  Sixth place: Bend over and carry heavy objects.

Experts suggest that bending and lifting heavy objects may damage waist muscles and discs.

It is best to squat down and lean your body forward so that the weight is shared between the leg muscles.

  Little common sense Bending over to pick up and carry heavy objects is very common in daily life and work, such as workers carrying heavy objects, women’s laundry tubs placed on the ground, etc.

In these cases, if you do not pay attention to posture, especially mental workers or housewives who rarely have the opportunity to perform heavy physical work on weekdays, it is easy to cause lumbosacral injury.

  When bending and extracting and carrying heavy objects, the posture that is most detrimental to the lumbosacral region is the straight knee bending and extracting and carrying heavy objects.

Because of this posture, when the lumbar spine is straight from the flexed position, although the muscles of other parts such as the gluteus maximus contract, the iliac spine can not maintain the position of the spine and protect the ligaments when bending over 90 degrees.The tension is brought by the ligaments. When standing, the iliac spine muscle must first be contracted with telescopic force to lift the heavy object by fracture of the trunk above the 5th lumbar vertebra, so it is easy to cause lumbosacral sprain and straight knee bend.Lifting heavy objects from the waist, the center of gravity away from the trunk, will inevitably increase the burden on the back muscles and ligaments, causing damage to the lumbosacral muscles and ligaments.

  Correct posture: first move your body toward the heavy object, then bend your knees and knees, then use both hands to extend your knees and legs, and the heavy object can be lifted.

In this way, it mainly resists the contractility of the buttocks and quadriceps, prevents the back muscles from being forced, and reduces the chance of waist injuries.

In addition, when moving heavy objects, pay attention to keeping the knees in a semi-flexed state and aligning the objects with the body, which can reduce the burden on the back muscles and reduce the chance of injury.

  Fifth place: continuous use of computer for more than 3 hours.

Long-term use of the computer can cause eye fatigue, shoulder aches and low back pain, and then cause headaches, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

  Microwave Hazard: Computer’s low-energy X-rays and implanted electromagnetic radiation can cause human central nervous system disorders.

A British study confirmed that radiant radiation and magnetic fields emitted by computer screens can cause 7?
19 mutations, including runny nose, itchy eyes, neck and back pain, transient memory loss, irritability, and depression.

For women, there will be symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and prolonged periods, and a few expectant mothers may also have premature or miscarriage.

In addition, for a long time engaged in computer operations, mental stress, high psychological pressure, easy body fatigue, coupled with electromagnetic radiation, the incidence of dialysis of female operators is about 30% higher than the average person.

Related research also found that computer’s electromagnetic radiation is about to cause cancer.

  Visual hazard: The eye stays looking at a place, and the number of blinks increases only as usual, thereby reducing the secretion of the retina in the eye.

In the long run, in addition to causing eye fatigue, ghosting, blurred vision, and other unpleasant reactions.

The most effective way is to take appropriate rest, eat more foods containing vitamin A, and supplement rhodopsin on the retina, such as carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, milk, eggs, animal livers, lean meat, etc.

  Tissue injury: Repeated and tense movements while operating a computer can damage muscles, nerves, joints, tendons and other tissues in some parts.

In addition to back pain, those with carpal tunnel syndrome, in addition to wrist pain or even paralysis, can extend to the palms and fingers.

  Respiratory hazards: Computer-exhaust gases can harm the respiratory system.

A recent research report published by researchers from the British Allergy Foundation pointed out that office equipment emits ozone gas that is harmful to human health. The main culprits are computers and laser printers.

These ozone gases are both toxic and can cause breathing difficulties for some people.
In addition, the expected time is to stay in a place with high ozone gas concentration, which subsequently causes deformation of the lungs.

  Fourth place: Get out of bed as soon as you wake up.

Jim Horn, a professor of Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, pointed out that immediately waking up after waking up may lead to sudden shifts in blood pressure, leading to diseases such as hypertension and stroke.
You should lie down for 5 minutes, move your limbs and head, and then get up.

  Little common sense to alleviate the damage to the blood vessels caused by changes in the pressure of the heart and brain blood vessels before and after bedtime. Experts recommend -1, do not wake up immediately after waking up and lie down for half a minute;The gradual activity such as leaning by the bedside for half a minute and then getting out of bed can make the various organs of the body adapt to changes and reduce the danger of getting up suddenly and compressing the blood vessels to avoid falls and other dangers, which is beneficial to the stability of the heart rhythm.

  Third place: read the newspaper in the toilet.

Sitting on the toilet and reading a newspaper will inevitably prolong the defecation time, causing congestion of the anus and portals, which will cause hemorrhoid attacks.

In addition, congestion of the anal portal will mislead the nervous system and stimulate the “defecation sensor”, making the anal portal feel bloated for a long time.

Therefore, it is better not to “multi-purpose” when using the toilet.

  Little common sense Reading a newspaper while squatting in the toilet can interfere with the brain’s control of the bowel twisting nerves and prolong the bowel movement time.

Modern medical research has confirmed that squatting in the toilet for more than 3 minutes can directly lead to varicose veins and blood clots, which can easily induce hemorrhoids, and the severity of the disease is related to the length of time.

The longer you squat in the toilet, the higher your chances of becoming sick.

Because the abdominal pressure can not be increased due to prolonged squatting symptoms, the venous blood flow is not smooth, which leads to the dilation of the superior venous vein, the venous group is not tightly closed, and the venous plexus wall becomes thin and bulged.

Often, this can easily lead to hemorrhoids.

  In addition, the toilets are generally not well-lit and read books inside.

Reading the newspaper is also easy to damage the eyes.

  Doctors recommend that when the bathroom is “convenient”, you should strive to end the “fight | fighting” within 5 minutes, and continue to perform anal lifting training, so as to effectively prevent diseases such as hemorrhoids.

  Second place: Boxing Erlang legs.

This seemingly comfortable little movement leads to irregular blood flow in the legs, which can easily cause venous thrombosis, scoliosis, and lumbar disc herniation.

Liu Deping, deputy director of the Department of Cardiology, Beijing Hospital, pointed out that people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood pressure have long legs with thorns that make them worse.

  Little common sense disease 1: May cause varicose veins or thrombosis in the legs.

When Kenjiro’s legs are compressed, the threshold of the cushion pressure is compressed, which easily affects the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

Keep your legs in a fixed position and easily numb. If blood circulation is blocked again, it is likely to cause varicose veins or thrombosis in the legs.

Especially the elderly who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, hypertension, suffer from fractured Erlang leg disease.

  Disease two: affect male reproductive health.

When punching Erji’s legs, his legs are usually clamped too tightly, which will increase the temperature of the thigh and the genital area.

For men, this high temperature can damage sperm, which in the long term can affect newborns.

It is recommended that the legs of Jierlang should not exceed 10 minutes. If there is sweat seeping from the thighs, it is best to walk in a ventilated place for a short time to dissipate heat.

  Disease III: Deformation of the spine, causing lower back pain.

The normal spine of the human body should have an “S” shape when viewed from the side, and it is easy to bend over the hump when the legs are crossed. Over time, the spine forms a “C” shape, causing uneven pressure distribution in the lumbar and thoracic spines.

Over time, it will compress the spinal nerve and cause lower back pain.

  Disease four: Bone tension or muscle strain occurs.

When Lian Erlang’s legs, the pelvis and hip joints are prone to soreness due to long-term compression, and bone complications or muscle strain may occur over time.

When using a bus, if you encounter a sudden brake, the crossed legs are too late to lie flat, which can easily lead to damage and dislocation of bones and joints.

  First place: lack of exercise.

Two-thirds of the respondents did not meet the exercise standard of 3 times a week and every 30 minutes or more.

Hong Zhaoguang, chief health education expert of the Ministry of Health, pointed out that insufficient exercise can cause obesity, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, low back pain and other diseases.

People should exercise at least 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes each time.

  Little common sense recommends “slow motion”-slow motion is now more and more popular among white-collar workers, because it has the effects of body shaping, decompression, beauty, treatment, etc., so it has become the first choice for too many white-collar workers.

For stressful white-collar workers, especially women, slow exercise is a more suitable exercise.
Many white-collar workers often work overtime and overtime. After a busy day, if they have to go to the gym to continue to run on the treadmill for 40 minutes or an hour, it may cause some damage to the body.

At this time, doing some “slow exercise”, some kind of yoga, tai chi, and walking can make one’s mood from anxiety to quietness.

  In fact, “slow half-beat sports” has long been popular abroad, and many people have long adhered to the “10,000 steps a day” fitness method.
When you are still a long way from home, get out of the car and walk back; take a walk in the suburbs on the weekends, and while walking slowly, gain physiological health and joy.

10 kinds of puzzle foods and 5 kinds of brain-damaging foods

10 kinds of puzzle foods and 5 kinds of brain-damaging foods

10 kinds of “puzzle food” proteins: such as globulin, albumin, phosphorus-containing nucleoprotein, unsaturated fatty acids, iron, vitamin B12 and other components are all nutrients necessary for young children’s brain development.

Some experts believe that the unsaturated fatty acids contained in freshwater fish are not as high as marine fish, and that China’s freshwater fish farming waters are more polluted today, so it is recommended that children eat freshwater fish and marine fish in a ratio of 1: 2.

  Eggs: No matter eggs, duck eggs, pigeon eggs, children are encouraged to eat whole eggs. Eggs are the only excellent source of protein, and the lecithin in egg yolk is absorbed and released by choline, which can synthesize acetylcholine.To improve children’s memory.

In addition, the iron and phosphorus content of egg yolk is high, which is also conducive to children’s brain development.

  Walnut kernels: Walnut kernels can nourish the blood and nourish the marrow, strengthen the kidneys and nourish the brain, and it is a great product to strengthen memory and understanding.

Parents can stew walnut porridge for their children, or mix mashed walnut kernels with black sesame seeds and put them in slices or buns for their children.

Walnut kernel contains fat and cholesterol, which is not easy to digest. Generally 3?
6-year-olds eat 3 or 4 large walnuts a day.

  Almonds: Large sweet almonds have the functions of heart-building, eyesight, and intelligence. Frequent use can make children smarter.

Peel the bought almonds together with peanuts and soybeans. Crush the almond and peanut soymilk with a soymilk machine and place them for the child to absorb.

  Jujube: Drink red jujube soup or eat a handful of fresh dates at night, which can absorb a large amount of vitamin C and trace elements. It has a soothing and nourishing effect. It makes children who sleep easily in the middle of the night sleep well and enhances the “potential memory” after falling asleep.

  Longan meat: It has the effect of nourishing and soothe the nerves of frail children. Long-term use can improve the child’s forgetfulness and has the effect of strengthening heart and nourishing.

However, longan meat is hot and humid. Whether it is fresh longan or dry longan, eat it up to three times a week. Gluttony can easily get your child angry and dry stools.

  Honey: contains a variety of nootropic ingredients, transferred to warm water to take, can treat constipation in children.

It is best to take it in the morning. It can also be spread on bread slices or buns.

  Apple: Contains malol which can enhance memory.

Try to let your children eat fresh apples instead of high-temperature processed apple chips and blended apple juice with a large amount of stabilizers and flavor modifiers.

Freshly squeezed apple juice is best squeezed together with the skin, and let the child drink it within ten minutes to prevent oxidation of apple alcohol.

  Grapes: Purple grapes are better than light cyan. Grapes are recognized as one of the best antioxidants. They can nourish the liver and kidneys, strengthen qi, remember intelligence, but are smart, but the child’s daily consumption should be controlled within 200 grams.So as not to consume too much polysaccharides to affect the intake of meals.

  Black fungus: It can purify blood and keep it light.

For chubby people who like to eat meat, burgers and other high-fat foods, the alkaline substances released by black fungus can absorb cerebral atheromatous plaques that cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, which significantly improves memory and thinking.

  5 kinds of “brain-damaging food” pickled foods: including pickles, mustards, bacon, salted fish, watercress, and various preserved preserved foods. Containing excessively high salt content will not only cause hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, but alsoWill damage the arteries and blood vessels in the brain, cause the expansion of brain cells and hypoxia, cause the child’s memory to decline, mental retardation.

  Food that is too fresh: Foods containing MSG will cause severe zinc deficiency in children under the age of one, and zinc is one of the most important trace elements for brain development, so even if your child is a little older, you should eat lessFresh foods, such as various puffed foods, dried fish, instant noodles, etc.

  Frying and smoked food: A few of fish and meat can be easily converted into peroxides after being fried or heated continuously for more than 200 degrees, and this substance can cause premature brain aging and directly damage brain development.
  Leaded foods: Excessive lead is difficult to rule out after entering the bloodstream and can directly harm the brain.

Popcorn, pine eggs, beer lead mixture, traditional iron cans and glass bottle cans also contain a certain amount of lead, so these “canned food” parents also want their children to eat less.

  Foods containing aluminum: fried dough sticks, oil cakes, when you make it, you must add a clear person as a hair rising agent, and the alum staff (aluminum trioxide) has a high lead content. Frequent eating will cause memory loss and slow response, so parents should letChildren quit the habit of making breakfast with churros and cakes.

  Health Tips: Do n’t eat all fruits as soon as you have a cough. Fruits are rich in vitamins and trace elements. They are an important source of vitamin supplements, and vitamins are important to improve immunity and fight against cold viruses.

Therefore, with the exception of citrus, banana, and persimmon, most fruits can be eaten.

You can warm the fruit a little bit in winter before eating it.

After the pears are pitted, they are stewed with Chuanbei powder and rock sugar, and eating pear drink soup is still a good medicine for nourishing the lungs and relieving cough.

  Avoid chicken, fish, and beef as soon as you have hepatitis. From a medical point of view, foods such as chicken, duck, fish, beef, and orange have nothing to do with hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is mainly caused by hepatitis B virus in the body. At this time, the childInstead, a sufficient amount of protein and vitamins is needed to strengthen the immunity and fight against the hepatitis virus. At this time, the blind taboo is counterproductive.

Remember five points, it is not difficult to get a fresh job

Remember five points, it is not difficult to get a fresh job

Breakthrough point 1: Details determine success or failure. Through the in-depth development of society, the company’s inspection of talents no longer stops at the needs of profession, skills, and experience. At the same time, it considers the personality, grouping, and innovation ability of talents, and pays attention to subtle efforts.

However, some job seekers cannot truly understand the ancient teachings of “don’t do evil with small things, don’t do good with small ones”, leading to job failure.

Wang Yuanyuan of Otis Electronics Co., Ltd. said in an interview: “Employees may lose customers if they are not careful when they answer the phone.

“Similar phenomena are common in the development of enterprises.

In order to reduce the cost of business management failure, it is logical to pay attention to detailed inspection when selecting talents.

  Breakthrough point 2: Highlighting their own advantages The freshmen and the public are classified. They have their own shortcomings, but not all of them have fallen into the ranks.

If you can show your personality characteristics, professional advantages, and bright points during the job search process, you may be able to use the human unit to refresh yourself. “A little red in the flowers” may increase the number of candidates.

Chen Zhihuan, an excellent model business management consulting company, said in his own recruitment experience: “A lot of fresh graduates, because they are not good at summing up their strengths, cannot find their strengths, resulting in job hunters everywhere.

“Relevant data statistics show that the rate of failure of freshmen because they can’t highlight their advantages and specialties exceeds 77%, which is a painful lesson.

  Breakthrough point 3: Human resources representatives who are willing to start many human resources management work from the grassroots level. Their companies do not need to recruit fresh graduates, but hope to change the shortcomings of insufficient reserve talents by means of input of fresh blood.

However, the actual recent college graduates who are recruited are reluctant to go to the grassroots to receive the necessary training, which causes the company to endure love and find some education, professionalism, and inferiority as junior high school students of the recent college graduates to do apprenticeships or training.cadre.

Zou Jinhong, an expert on textbooks for domestic colleges and universities, said: “Mr. Zhang has risen flat.

If the fresh graduates are unwilling to go to the grassroots for training, which company will dare to take risks and give the project to a novice who has little ability to manage risk?

“If the freshman wants to be the backbone of the enterprise, in the university of society, he has to go to the grassroots to suffer.

  Breakthrough point four: Gratitude companies need to pay a certain price to use freshmen.

However, after graduating from the university, some fresh graduates often become awkward because of trivial matters, and even part ways with the company, and the labor contract is like a blank paper.

Honesty must be talked about, but now some college students seem to regard honesty as dung.

He didn’t swear before going to work, and often hesitated after going to work.

There is no one mind to use in the enterprise, but pay more attention to where there will be more suitable for their own development, always ready to change jobs.

Mr. Lu, the owner of a Hong Kong-owned enterprise, said: “Don’t blame us for not hiring fresh graduates, but be skeptical of their mentality.

If you have a heart of gratitude, you can truly live and die with the company.

In an increasingly fierce social environment, can we not fail if we have talents?


Breakthrough point five: Self-confidence creates miracles Self-confidence is a panacea for creating miracles.

However, some fresh graduates often fail to show full confidence in the job position they are applying for because of their lack of practical experience, which has led companies to refuse.

But there is one thing I would like to tell friends who are not well-involved in the world, once the company determines to recruit fresh graduates without social experience, it has made corresponding arrangements in terms of its training plan and resource allocation.

“Everything is ready, but only ambitious.

Conquer with your confidence!

HR manager He Jingbo said.

What you should know about night skincare


What you should know about night skincare

Human skin needs breathing and nutrients.

At night, when we fell asleep, the pores on our skin also opened up and we breathed freely. At the same time, we also longed for nutrition.

Those sweat pores that were opened one by one opened their mouths.

  Nourishing the skin at this time will surely make the skin full of vitality.

Otherwise, the skin will be “undernourished”.

This is why many people even apply different brands of skin creams and creams during the day, but they still have different degrees of roughness and aging on their skin.

It can be seen that skin care at night is more important than daytime.

  Nighttime skin self-renewal is the best timetable for skin care and skin nourishment. After 10 o’clock in the evening, the human body’s metabolism speed gradually decreases and eases. The tightly closed pores gradually begin to relax during the day, gradually open, and draw nutrients for the skin.

There is no harmful external factors such as ultraviolet radiation and pollution. The skin can be renewed and optimized internally to stimulate collagen regeneration and repair damaged DNA.

Facing the best moment of such beauty treatment, how to use these night care products?

  PART1: Deep cleansing, detoxifying the skin at night. The skin’s shielding function is relatively attenuated, so more harmful substances can be taken in.

Therefore, before any treatment, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed.

Choose a cleansing oil or makeup remover to clean the skin. Use a mild cleanser to complete the “secondary cleansing”. Before the cleansing oil and makeup remaining on the skin surface are washed away.

  Choosing different makeup removers for different skins oils thick makeup skins. Cleansing milk alone is not enough. It is best to use makeup removers instead of makeup removers.

When choosing a cleansing oil, oily skin can choose the main minerals and synthetic esters, which have strong cleaning power. When removing makeup, you can wash away excess oil secreted together; nowadays, the most popular cleansing oils based on vegetable oil are on the market.It is safe, non-irritating, and works on any skin type.

  PART2: Moisturizing night cream, basic repair healthy and normal skin choose moisturizing night cream is enough.

If your skin feels dry, you can increase the amount of toner and then use a moisturizing night cream.

The oil-soluble solutes in the night cream are spread in the sebum of the pores, spread rapidly in the deep layers of the skin, and are absorbed by a wide range of skin cells.

  It is preferred to use plant night cream to extract natural molecules such as plants, which are smaller than the molecules of ordinary vegetable oils, and their diffusion and penetration are relatively fast, and they are easily absorbed by the skin.

Most high-quality night creams contain plant essential oil ingredients, and the oil-soluble ingredients penetrate into the skin quickly.

  Night gel, alternate use Although the skin needs to be replenished at night, it should not be excessive.

If you do “large oil” treatment for your skin for a long time, oily skin is prone to the phenomenon of “grease”.

If this happens, you need to adjust the use of night cream to let the skin adjust and recover.

The specific method is to use a night curry cream or moisturizing oil control night cream instead.

  PART3: Mask maintenance, charge the skin. Within 12 hours after using the mask, the skin condition should be said to be very good.

It is recommended for people who have important activities the next day to improve their skin condition in time.

After finishing the mask, it is recommended to use a night cream, and use the oil in it to “lock” the nutrients in the mask to the skin to reduce the loss.

  Moisturizing mask is preferred because “lack of water” is the biggest problem that the skin faces at night. Applying a hydrating mask before going to bed can be a good solution.

Various paper masks and gel makeup masks provide moisturizing effects.

Tightly adhere to the face, leaving the eye position, it is a good paper mask to reduce the appropriate. This can not only ensure the effect of close adherence, more importantly, ensure that the nutrients are completely released into the skin.

  In addition to the finished mask, you can also use a mask paper and toner, moisturizing nutrient solution (or emulsion) to make your own mask.

Put the mask on the palm of your hand, pour toner or nutrient solution in a suitable amount to completely wet it, squeeze it, and then apply it on the board.

  TIPS: How to choose mask paper size 1 is enough.

It cannot be too small, a standard face should be able to completely cover it.

  2 Thickness is enough.

The paper cannot be thin. If it is too thin, it will be limited, and even the liquid will flow down when it is applied.

  3Thickness should be soft.

The hardness of the paper is too hard, and it will not be applied to the shell. The size is soft enough to fit tightly to the face, and the nutrients are most effectively absorbed.  4 more knives.

The mask has many and reasonable cutters, and it will be flat when applied to the face. A good paper mask will cut twelve knives, and at least eight knives must be cut at both ends to be firm.

  PART4: Essence, so that mature skin staying essence is designed for mature skin. Essence should be used after toner, its molecules are smaller than night cream, its permeability and efficacy are higher than night cream.

So there is no need to use a night cream or mask when choosing a serum.

  Anti-aging serum is preferred Vitamin A with anti-aging effect, coenzyme Q10, and ginkgo extract are all preferred.

The absolute anti-aging ingredients come from biological or plant, and its efficacy is the first starting point for selection.

The thickness of the application is to make the skin breathable, and the amount of one red bean on the face is enough.

In fact, in areas with rich blood vessels on the face, such as around the eyes, nose, and mouth, pay attention to the blockage in these areas, so that blood circulation is accelerated, and nutrients are absorbed better.

  The essence used at night does not have certain maintenance ingredients. It must be used while asleep, but some active ingredients A acid will be irritating under strong light and cause light sensitivity. It is recommended to rub at night when the concentration of the formula is high.

Other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, tend to change color and lose activity in sunlight and air. In order to improve the antioxidant effect, it is better to use it before bedtime, and it should be used up as soon as possible.

  Don’t think that morning and evening sun cream, night cream can make your skin white and snowy, smooth and beeping, in fact, this is just the surface moisturizing.

For thorough care, you need to rely on your preparation before going to bed, so that your skin can be fully rested and glow with natural radiance.

So how much do you know about the homework you must do at night?

  The first tip: “Oil” full body to relieve muscle pressure, we must first become “Guangguang Master.”

Apply massage oil or moisturizing BB oil to your body and massage slowly to make it absorbed throughout your body.

In order to avoid your favorite pajamas after oiling, it is best to change to old clothes before going to bed.

  The second tip: sugar to remove lip skin to remove dead skin on the lips, in addition to using scrub lip balm, you can also use some original methods.

For example, rubbing lightly on the lips with sugar, or rubbing the lips with a toothbrush while brushing your teeth, will effectively remove dead skin, and then apply lip balm before you can rest assured.

  Tip 3: Basically apply tea bags to eyes. This is the traditional method of applying eyes.

Apply two frozen and used tea bags to the eyelids and rest for a few minutes to restore soothing skin to both eyes.

  Tip # 4: Preventive care for women is most concerned about exposing and causing fine lines because it will betray your age.

Therefore, you should use a moisturizing lotion or cream to massage instead, which will cause complications for the skin to absorb nutrients.

  Note that when you apply the lotion, massage gently to show your gentle side as much as possible!

Otherwise it will be self-defeating.

In-depth understanding of the secret 5th tip: moisturizing hands do not have to apply hand cream when stepping on a bicycle, usually also often apply hand cream to moisturize hands, of course, do it before bed, the effect will be better, because the skin will be aNourishment of the night.

  Tip 6: Gradually exercise If you don’t want your bones to be rigid when you are old, you must start exercising when you are young, and it is best to stretch your legs before bed.

You only need to do a few minutes of exercise to change the pressure, relieve blood pressure, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism.

  Tip # 7: Do n’t drink too much. Sisters please remember that you do n’t indulge yourself in drinking too much water before going to bed, otherwise your eyes will become swollen after waking up the next day, which is very serious!

If you are really thirsty, just drink a glass or two of boiling water. Conversely, if you drink too much water, don’t go to bed immediately.

  8th tip: add water before going to bed, if the skin feels dry, you can put a spray of water containing mint oil on it, it has a moisturizing effect, if the skin is very dry, you can spray a few more times.

  Tip # 9: Restoring your feet to standing in the company for too long or shopping too long will cause pain and weakness in your feet, so you should apply lotion after showering or before going to bed to moisturize your feet, or spray your feet to relieve stressSpray on the bottom so that you can restore the elasticity of your feet.

Tip 10: Go to bed early and get up early. It is not easy for modern people to go to bed early and get up early, but each person sleeps at least 8 hours per day on average to have enough energy to cope with daily work.