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What should I do if I feel tired after falling in love?

5 psychological tips to help you

What should I do if I feel tired after falling in love?
5 psychological tips to help you

Love has a fresh-keeping period. Passion returns to dullness in the blink of an eye. It may take only three months for love to recede, and for some seven-year-old marriages, it can make people feel exhausted. MaybeAt this time, it is not pleasing to each other to see each other, no matter what the other party does, they cannot satisfy themselves, and in this period, where to go between men and women makes it impossible to make a decision.

Therefore, at this time, both parties should calm down and recognize the differences between the two parties. Only through the efforts of both parties to adjust can a long-term relationship be established.

  What should I do if I feel tired after falling in love?
5 Psychological Tips That Can Help You!

  First, give each other some space. If you feel too tired, try to reduce the number of contact with each other as much as possible. Give yourself some time and make some space for each other. After all, love takes a long time and personal life is very important.

Whether you are gathering with friends or participating in some social activities, you must remove your attention from your lover. This will not only eliminate the pressure of getting along with each other, but also make the other person feel that you can substitute and be able to handle your own life independently.

  Second, find common interests. If there is no freshness in love, the difference between the two may be the ending that leads to separation.

So there is a common topic about the nature of lasting love.

Many couples have different hobbies. For example, most girls like shopping and drama, while boys like to play games and watch football games.

At this time, you can try to understand each other’s interests. If he likes to watch football games, accompany him to watch them. She likes watching movies, and can accompany her to watch movies on weekends.

In this way, you may find common interests and maintain long-term relationships.

  Third, learn to think differently. In love life, because the relationship between the two parties becomes intimate, so that the other party cannot give corresponding rewards and gratitude, you may feel that you have paid more, and the other party should be more comfortable with yourself.

However, if you think about it, you may not be able to tolerate each other so much, so there are always tears.

So, think about it from a different perspective. No matter who pays more or how close your relationship is, you should give each other gratitude and reward.

  Fourth, strive to create freshness. When each other ‘s passions are flat, you can try some fresh experiences, arrange an unexpected date, or a hiking camp, or a small trip, which can add freshness,And can add new memories.

It is also important to have a timely surprise in a dull life. This will even increase the freshness of life and cherish each other’s intentions.

  Fifth, pay attention to timely communication. When two people get along, it is inevitable that contradictions and conflicts occur. At this time, communication must be carried out in a timely manner. If a long-term cold war occurs, it may eventually lead to the edge of the relationship.

In fact, the behavior of the Cold War is very naive. If you use this method to deal with the other party, you may only push the other party farther. It will eventually break down the relationship.

  In short, a long-term relationship will always encounter many obstacles. After crossing a passionate love, it will inevitably lead to a period of burnout and tiredness. Therefore, we must manage love with heart, so as to make love moreFor long.

Foods that affect IQ in young children

Foods that affect IQ in young children

In terms of nutrition, acidic foods and sour foods are two different things.

  In daily life, we often encounter some children who are good at birth, eat, sleep, and play regularly, imitate, have strong learning ability, and have better grades. This is that the brain functions well, that is, smart.

On the contrary, some infants and toddlers often cry, eat and sleep badly, have poor imitation and response, and poor academic performance, which is the poor brain nerve function.

What is the reason for this?

Medical scientists believe that there are many factors that affect food, but food as the building material of the brain is the material basis.

  How does food affect brain function?

How does it affect it?

A Japanese professor of nutrition recalled: “When I was a kid, I had severe neurasthenia, constipation, stiff shoulder muscles, back pain, etc. Every day I went to the big hospital for treatment and found no cause.

This made me want to study this problem from a young age.

Later, I finally found out that the cause of the disease was my partial acid food.

“Many people in modern times eat a lot of acidic foods, acidify body fluids such as serum, are susceptible to colds, fragile skin, poor resistance, and easily infected.

Such a constitution is called an acidic constitution, and its brain is called an acidic brain.

More importantly, it can directly affect the brain and nerve functions of infants and young children, manifesting as crying and irritability, which makes memory and thinking poor, and can lead to mental autism in severe cases.

  So, what is acidic food?

How is it different from sour foods?

  In terms of nutrition, acidic foods and sour foods are two different things.
Acidic food refers to foods that contain inorganic salts (such as phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine) and other nutrients that can form acids in the body, which can make the body appear acidic.

Often eaten acid foods such as polished rice, refined noodles, sugar, various meats, fish and shellfish, egg yolks and beer.

It can form alkali inorganic salts in the body, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. The food that transforms body fluids to be alkaline is called alkaline food. Various vegetables, fruits, and milk that you eat often are alkaline foods.

The main components of basic elements (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium) are many elements necessary for human exercise and brain activity.

  Nowadays, life has improved. People tend to eat acidic foods such as polished rice, noodles, and fish and meat. If children eat it for a long time, it will affect brain function.

So do n’t eat or eat less acidic food?

Nor is it that the two must be eaten in moderation for a sound diet.

The psychology of husband and wife affair

The psychology of husband and wife affair

Loneliness Due to work or separation between the two places, some husbands are often away from their wives.

If such a husband lacks a sense of family responsibility, does not care about his wife, and does not often express his feelings of love in various ways, over time, it will inevitably make the relationship between husband and wife tend to be indifferent, the wife will have a lonely psychology, and feel no spiritual support.

At this time, if a suitable opposite sex is encountered, the wife will lose the ability to resist temptation, leading to extramarital affairs.

  Resentment of psychological sexual life is a very important content in the life of husband and wife.

If a partner, because of sexual dysfunction, or is busy pursuing a career, neglects to give each other warmth, or the husband is greedy for wine, and cannot meet his wife’s normal physiological needs, over time, it will cause his wife to have resentment, which is extremely likely. “Red apricots come out of the wall. ”

  Lost psychology is more common in the lack of understanding before marriage, “love at first sight”, hastily married; or just “love to cook mature rice” and “involuntary.”

After living together for a long time after marriage, they gradually found that each other had many bad problems or some physical defects.

In this case, it is easy to produce a sense of psychological loss and germination.

  Some women meet the standard for some purpose, committed to men who do not like it.

Due to their lack of emotional basis with their husbands, once their goals are achieved, they will feel that the husband is old or ugly, either ending with divorce or “holding another lute”.

  Some revenge husbands are unfaithful to their wives and cheat on the outside. Once things are revealed, they often lead to unpleasant endings.

If the consideration of being a wife is not appropriate, you may have revenge when you are angry: Since you can slap flowers outside, then why can’t I look for sustenance?

  Some wives have higher education or higher education than their husbands, or some husbands, if they are not willing to be aggressive, they can easily make their wives “hate iron and steel” and feel that their husbands are not worthy of themselves.

Therefore, wives who are better than their husbands in all aspects have a broken chance of extramarital affairs, because there are likely to be men around them who are better than their husbands.

  In view of the above, in order to improve the quality of marriage, both husband and wife should understand the psychological trajectories of extramarital affairs, strengthen communication, start with themselves, and adjust the relationship between husband and wife in a timely manner so that they can continue to be sublimated.

In this way, the stability of the family and the happiness of marriage can be guaranteed.

Beautiful back exercise exercises in 5 steps easily have a charming back

Beautiful back exercise exercises in 5 steps easily have a charming back

Your legs are thin, your arms are thin and your waist is thin. Do n’t forget to help your back get thinner too!

Be the perfect woman with a beautiful back!

It is easy to be injured in the front exercises. When using dumbbells for back exercises, always check your posture and do not bend when you step on them.

  The action lies flat on the floor, with the abdomen pressed against the ground.

Cross your hands behind your head and gently lift your head so that the side is off the ground.

Be careful not to use too much force.

Then back down, control your speed.

  Repeat this action 15 times for 2 groups.

  Action two legs stretched apart, stretching and bending.

The top tilts forward, but the back end stays straight.

Hold the dumbbells in both hands and lift them horizontally, feeling the hip muscles exerting force.

  Repeat this action 20 times for 2 groups.

  Move three legs together and spread your legs together. Insert your hands into the back of your head and cross it. You can also open it horizontally and return to the chest forward.

  Repeat this action 20 times in 3 groups.

  Action 4 This action will train your upper hip muscles.

  Keep your legs apart and shoulder width, shrink and bend.

Lean forward at the top, press your left hand on the top, hold your dumbbell to the toe to try to lengthen it, and then use your hips to pull back to the hip side, taking care not to bend.

Control your speed.
  Repeat 2 groups 15 times.

  Action Wuping lying on the ground, legs separated, aligned and bent.

Then use the strength of your arms and feet to support your body. The back, back and thighs all leave the ground in a straight line.

Keep this position, straighten your calf up and back down.

In the movement, please pay attention to the tension of the hip muscles.

Potatoes can cure stomach problems

Potatoes can cure stomach problems

Many people have heard that potatoes are a very nutritious food.

As long as you eat enough potatoes and milk, you can meet all the nutrients your body needs-although this is a bit exaggerated, it is enough to prove that potatoes are really a good thing.

No wonder Shakespeare had one of the heroes in his play yell, “Let the world rain potatoes!”


But in addition to these, potatoes can also be used to treat stomach problems, do you know?

  Recipe: 1000 grams of fresh potatoes, moderate amount of honey.

  Method: Wash the fresh potatoes, mash them with a meat stirrer, squeeze the juice with a clean gauze; put them in a pot, boil over high heat, and then boil over low heat; when concentrated to a sticky state, add double the amount ofStir the honey together and fry it over low heat until it becomes a paste.

  Dosage: Take 1 tablespoon twice daily on an empty stomach, 20 days as a course of treatment.

  Efficacy: Suitable for stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Avoid stimulating foods such as pepper, onion, garlic and wine during treatment.

  In addition, people with poor stomachs should pay attention to the following “don’t eat”: 1.

Don’t overeating, eat less and eat more.


2. Do not eat too much cold food, especially in summer, do not eat ice cream, cold beer, drinks; 3.

Do not drink or smoke; 4.

Do not eat too spicy, such as pepper, garlic, etc .; 5.

Do not eat foods that are difficult to digest, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach, such as leeks, some people have adverse reactions to green peppers, and boiled corn; 6.

Eat less greasy, such as seafood and lamb.

Try skin beauty with mineral water

Try skin beauty with mineral water

Everyone knows that knowing mineral water is very beneficial to the human body, but how many people know that using mineral water can also have a good cosmetic effect?
Hollywood sweet sister Cameron Diaz just uses mineral water to cleanse her face in order to maintain her beautiful skin.

  Mineral water is spontaneous or uncovered underground mineral water that is spewed from the depths of the ground or uncovered artificially; it contains a certain amount of mineral salts, trace elements or gases; under normal circumstances, its chemical composition, flow rate, water temperature, etc.The dynamics are relatively stable within the natural fluctuation range.

Sisters can choose the appropriate mineral water to replace according to their physical conditions and regional heat differences, and can add minerals, especially the role of trace elements.

In summer, supplementing mineral water to supplement minerals lost by sweating is an effective method.

Similarly, learn about the following skin beauty method using mineral water, I believe that it will definitely add points to your beauty?
First, mineral water pearl eye cream pearl eye cream can effectively anti-aging, anti-free radicals, promote blood circulation in the eyes, moisturize the skin, prevent the generation of wrinkles and dark circles.

  Material: 30 grams of Tremella, 5 grams of pearl powder, a small amount of mineral water.

  Efficacy: Whitens the eye skin, enhances the elasticity of the eye skin, and eliminates dark circles.

  How to use: Apply 4 drops at a time to the corners of the eyes and around the eyes.

  Production method: 1.

Put the white fungus into the pot, add a small amount of water, and cook slowly over low heat until thick.


Add pearl powder and stir well. After cooling, add it to the bottle and add it to the refrigerator to freeze.

  Preservation method: Put it in a bottle and put it in the freezer, and use it within 2 weeks.

  Second, mineral water + seaweed powder to create crystal skin. Seaweed powder is very effective for rough skin. It can not only replenish water, but also reduce irritation, eliminate elimination, and do it twice a week, the effect is very obvious.

  DIY moisture mask 1.

Add 1/3 spoon of seaweed powder and 1 spoon of glycerin to mineral water and stir.


Dip a cotton pad and apply it on the face.


After 20 minutes, wash with warm water and apply cream.

  Third, compress the paper film + mineral water. The moisturizing king directly soaks the paper film in mineral water, and then lays it on the clean wooden board.

  Fourth, white vinegar + mineral water: shrink pores and replenish with mineral water at a ratio of 1: 3. After washing the face, pounce on the face and shrink the pores to rehydrate and whiten.

  Fifth, mineral water hydrating and whitening super facial mask ingredients: a compressed facial mask, a small bowl of mineral water, vitamin C amount.

The most common white granules, 100mg.

  Method: Just mash the vitamin C, pour it into mineral water to dissolve, and soak the prepared compressed mask in water to start it.

Depression awareness therapy

Depression awareness therapy

Depression is a common disease of psychological disorders.

The most effective treatment for depression is not drugs, or psychology, or “familiar therapy.”

  The three top principles of “familiar therapy” are: 1. All your emotions are the result of your thoughts or familiarity. “Whatever your current state of thinking is, you will feel the same.

“2. When you feel depressed, it is because your mind is completely controlled by” negative emotions “, and the whole world seems to be under the shadow of darkness.

You often believe that the truth is as bad as you think.

  3. Negative thinking is almost always severely distorted, and it is the only cause of almost all your pain.

  When you have a headache, you can analyze and think based on the following 10 aspects, and you will find that you are fooling yourself: 1. Absolute thinking.

You see everything as distinct and clear. It seems that a student with good grades by chance gets a “good” by chance, so you think you are a complete loser.

This thinking “causes you to endlessly doubt yourself, thinking that you will never pass.

“2, too general.

Because of an unpleasant experience, you think that it will be unlucky in other things too.

For example, a shy young man invites a girl to a date. After being rejected, he says to himself, “I will never get a date. I will be lonely and miserable for life.

“3, mental filtering.

When you see the negative side of an object, you always think about it, as if you wear glasses with extraordinary lenses, filtering out all the positive things.

So you quickly proposed that everything was negative.

  4. Self-despise.

Seeing the many advantages of the outstanding people around him, some of his own wishes could not be realized, which resulted in an inferiority complex.

  5. Arbitrarily mess things down.

You preview others look down on you, but do not test the initial correctness, you look to the future, it is a disaster.

  6. Zoom in and out.

That is to magnify one’s own shortcomings, reduce its advantages, and distort its true colors.

  7. Emotional inference.

“I feel guilty, so I must have done something bad.

“Your feelings seem to be the basis of your thoughts.

  8. It should be discussed.

“I should do this” or “I must do that” are thoughts you feel guilty about. They don’t make you do something.

  9, wearing hats.

If you choose to work hard for that purpose, then you think, “I am a failure” and not think “I chose the wrong one.”

Remember, you cannot be equal to anything you do.

  10. Personalization.

You think “No matter what happens, no matter what others do, it’s my fault.

“There is always a” question of responsibility that haunts you. ”

  In response to the above situation, you can change the familiarity like this: your feelings are not facts; you can deal with them; don’t take your achievements as your basis.

Self-evaluation is the main content of familiar therapy. If you prefer yourself, you will feel better. Remember the following motto: You can save yourself, God can save you.

Test your little woman by appearance

Test your little woman by appearance

When traveling with friends and standing on the bridge to watch the scenery, your hat was blown off by the wind. What would you do?

  A, reaching out and trying to grab hat B, helpless C, shouting for help D, going to the lower reaches of the river, etc. Analysis of the results: Choose A: You usually choose a high level of the opposite sex as the goal, but it is not superior in aesthetic ability.Strongly competitive.

Being able to have outstanding lovers by your side will confirm your victory virtually.

What’s more, the more difficult it is for a lover to follow, the undulating feelings in the pursuit, the more it will stimulate your enthusiasm.

  Option B: You are more confident in your intuition. You do n’t value beauty or not. It is the most important thing to be in love with you at first sight!

Silent communication at the spiritual level is your favorite feeling.

Anyway, the appearance can be modified, as long as it is not too outrageous, everyone has something to appreciate.

  Choice C: You realize that people who can communicate with yourself can naturally become good friends at the end of life, and the opposite sex can become a lover.

You are not so clear about the boundaries between lovers and friends, and you are very keen to transfer a friend of the opposite sex to a lover.

  Choice D: You who are perfect, and picking lovers are also very picky.

Of course, appearance is not important, and the purity of the inner soul is the beauty you admire.

That’s what it says!

But . if his looks are really sorry, you still won’t take a closer look.

11 tips for men

11 tips for men

Men’s shortcomings are simple in terms of shortcomings, but in fact, people in love always present their perfect side to each other. Although there are many advantages of good men, their shortcomings are not like those in a shopping mall.The “buy one get one free” item is tied together as brightly.

Now teach you 11 secrets to help you pick out the “fox tail” behind his perfection and see if he is the man you really want.

  The first view of men’s love today, a man who feels “too simple” to do any work and handle anything does not mean that he is talented. This behind him often hides his talents and impatience, expecting such people to become handsThe appreciation of the “futures” seems unrealistic.

  Second, a man with considerable social fame is basically a man who takes fame more important than his wife.

If he had to make a choice between social fame and his wife, they would not choose a wife, but this did not prevent them from needing a woman as a wife.

  Third, a man full of professionalism is basically a man who has no leisure to accompany a woman shopping.

At that time, Chen Jingrun was a person with a career as a happy person, but according to the moral standards at that time, no time to accompany his wife, or even no wife, belonged to the advantages of men.

Now, the more ordinary women are, the more impatient they are to fall in love with a man who does not go home.

  Fourth, a man who is only good to you and someone who is a little “offended” by you and will violently jump with the other person is basically a selfish and ruthless person.

What he protects is actually only his own interests. When the love for you is not so strong, you will also suffer as “others”.

  Fifth, a man who saves money at home is basically a man who is very shy in society.

Such men have no hobbies.

  Sixth, a man who “sucks mud and stays alive” among fox friends and dog friends is definitely a hypocritical man who is good at covering up.

If you see a person, go and see his friends. There is absolutely no mistake in this sentence. If the friends around him are bad, but he advertises his innocence and continues to mix with them, then he must be worse than those friends.People.
  The seventh, a charming and sexy man, is basically a man who is charming and sexy for all women.

It is not necessary to naively imagine a planet sprouting in a small pot.

A man who does not have any contact with any beautiful and lovely woman is basically a man who is dismissed by any beautiful and lovely woman.

  Number eight, a man who stays with you every night at home, basically a man without friends.

At this time, men will not get women’s choices, not women’s choices.

Men’s leisure is only precious when they have no leisure.

  Ninth, a man who can’t live without you, even to die for you, must be a man who can let you die.

Don’t be moved by such vows and actions, he is just too possessive and immature.

  Number 10, a man who lives frugally is basically a man who doesn’t trim his face on any occasion.

If you do n’t trim your edges, you can find a reason for you.

  The eleventh, a man who is not an artist but has a fever every day in art is basically a man who is not down-to-earth and has no professional career.

Taking photos, listening to music, watching movies, reading literary works, drinking coffee, singing, dancing, painting, and playing the piano is really romantic, but once it happens every day in the family, it is not the beginning of a woman’s happiness.

Nine benefits of tomatoes

Nine benefits of tomatoes

According to reports, tomatoes are a huge nutrition factory. It is rich in vitamins A, C, K, B6, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B1, magnesium, vitamin B3, copper and phosphorus, all of which are important elements for maintaining good health.

Absolutely, tomatoes are low in cholesterol, saturated fatty acids, sodium and calories.

Whether it’s raw or salad, tomatoes are a great choice.

Here are the 9 ethics of tomatoes: 1.

Improve your vision Tomatoes prevent vitamin A and vitamin V, improve vision and prevent night blindness.

A recent study showed that tomatoes can help prevent chloasma, a serious eye disease.

Tomatoes reduce the risk of cataracts.

The plant antioxidants lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin all protect the eyes from light damage.


Anti-cancer According to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), eating more tomatoes prevents against prostatitis.

Tomatoes also help reduce the risk of other cancers, such as gastric, prostate, cervical, esophageal, and ovarian cancers.

This is because tomato cancer antioxidant lycopene.

Burning tomatoes with olive oil has better anti-cancer effects.


Purifying the skin Regular consumption of tomatoes helps to purify the skin and make it more shiny.

Tomatoes contain lycopene. This super antioxidant can protect the skin from sun damage and reduce the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. This is one of the causes of wrinkles and fine lines.

You can use tomatoes to remove acne, treat rashes and reduce pores.

Applying the pulp to the skin will restore a healthy glow.


Reduce blood sugar levels Tomatoes contain a small amount of sugars, which helps reduce blood sugar levels.

Tomatoes contain chromium to control blood sugar, and fiber helps control blood sugar levels.

Studies have found that strong antioxidants can protect blood flow and kidneys, which are often affected by diabetes.


Promote good sleep Lycopene and vitamin C in tomatoes can help sleep.

If you can’t fall asleep, eat more tomatoes daily, make soup or salad similar.


Keeping bones healthy Tomatoes contain vitamin K and calcium to help keep bones healthy.

Therefore, eating more tomatoes can strengthen and repair bones.

Research shows that the antioxidant lycopene can improve bone mass and prevent osteoporosis, which can cause fractures, defects and disability.


Chronic pain relief Tomatoes contain anti-inflammatory agents, such as bioflavonoids and bioflavonoids, which can relieve chronic pain.

People with mild and moderate pain are usually obese.

One study showed that TNF-α can cause metabolism, and a daily drink of tomato juice can reduce the blood concentration of TNF-α by 34%.

As a result, tomatoes are symptomatic for people with chronic diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and dementia.


Tomatoes are good for hair.

Vitamins and iron in tomatoes strengthen hair, adding shine to damaged and lifeless hair.

The sour properties of tomatoes balance the pH in the hair.
If you have dandruff, smear your hair with fresh tomato juice, then wash your hair with shampoo and rinse 4-5 times.
However, it should not be used too much, because the acidity of tomatoes severely dry the hair.


Helping to lose weight If you want to lose weight, make sure you eat tomatoes every day.

Tomatoes are low in content and exclude cholesterol.

Tomatoes contain a lot of fiber and water, which can increase satiety without taking too much calories.