[Children have no appetite for something to eat]_Children_How to eat

[Children have no appetite for something to eat]_Children_How to eat

Sometimes a child may have an appetite, which may be caused by inflammation or illness in the child.

If you do n’t have an appetite, you can eat some appetite-enhancing foods, or eat more fruits, or parents make tricks to make their children something they love to eat. The food must be complete in color and fragrance, so as to evoke the child’s appetite.
Let’s take a look at what the child has no appetite to eat.

Twelve points to note: First, don’t worry too much about your child not eating. As long as he is healthy and not sick, there will be no major problems.

When the child is hungry, he will naturally eat.

The appetite of a child cannot be the same every meal. Don’t force the child to eat as much.

Second, in addition to considering nutrition, children’s food should pay attention to color, aroma and taste.

In addition, the dishes for the children should be cut finer and the rice should not be cooked too dry.

Third, it is not appropriate to feed the child half an hour before a meal, even a piece of sugar and a biscuit cannot be eaten, so as not to suppress the appetite for dinner.

Fourth, don’t make cold drinks, chocolates, and colas to lure children to eat, this will only make the situation worse.

Fifth, before eating, all the children’s toys should be put away. Children should not be allowed to eat and play or watch TV while eating.

Six, let the children help prepare meals.

Take your child to buy food and let him choose what he likes.

If possible, even ask your child to help with cooking.

Participating in cooking sparks children’s interest in food.

7. When eating, parents must not force their children to eat by begging, intimidating or deceiving, this will only make the children more persistent.

We can tell the children in a resolute and gentle tone that these are the foods we eat today, and we will not have them if we do n’t like them.

Eight, respect the child’s hobby, if the child really does not like something, do not force him to eat hard.

If the child likes to mix the soup with the rice, the adults should not interfere too much, otherwise the child will have unpleasant emotions and suppress appetite.

Nine, don’t talk about the child’s meals, don’t face what is delicious or unpalatable in front of the children, let alone eat a meal and tell a story.

Ten, create a good eating environment for children, because emotions can affect digestive function, teach children while eating, or have quarrels at the dining table, etc. will affect the child’s appetite and appetite.

Eleven, don’t make your child think that as long as he is willing to eat, parents are happy. This will cause the child to have stress, which may lead to partial eclipse or obesity.

Twelve, usually eat and quantify the reaction regularly, and ensure that your child eats a certain amount of vegetables and water.

[Does the watermelon clear the fire]_How to clear the fire_How to clear the fire

銆 愯 タ 鐡 Cang 髻 鐏 邆 抧 銆 撱 訝 宝 娞 呓 伀 _ 濡 綍 娓 呯 伀
涓婄伀鐨勭幇璞$浉淇″ぇ瀹堕兘缁忓巻杩囷紝鍏稿瀷鐨勭棁鐘舵湁鑰抽福鑰宠亱銆佸彛鑸岀硿鐑傘€佸捊鍠夎偪鐥涖€佺墮榫堝嚭琛€绛夛紝鏈夋椂鍊欏彧鍑虹幇涓€绉嶇棁鐘讹紝鏈変簺鏃跺€欏垯澶氱鐥囩姸鍚屾椂鍑虹幇銆傝В鍐充笂鐏殑鏂规硶鏈夊緢澶氾紝涓嶅悆鑽殑璇濓紝鍙互閲囩敤姘存灉鏇夸唬銆傜幇鍦ㄦ鍊煎瀛o紝瑗跨摐鏄渶甯歌鐨勬按鏋滐紝鏈変汉鍚瑗跨摐鑳芥竻鐏€傞偅涔堬紝瑗跨摐娓呯伀鍚楋紵涓€銆佽タ鐡滄竻鐏悧澶忓浜烘槗涓婄伀锛屼竴涓婄伀灏辨兂鍒板悆瑗跨摐绛夋按鏋滈檷鐏紝閫傞噺鍚冭タ鐡滅‘瀹炴湁婊嬮槾銆佹竻鐏殑浣滅敤锛屼絾鏄悆澶氫簡浼氬埄灏夸粠鑰屽鑷翠激闃淬€備腑鍖讳笂璇达紝闃磋櫄浜嗙I ca n’t tell you how to make it thinner, thinner, thinner, thicker, thinner, thicker, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder.姸銆 备 簩 銆 佽 鐆 铑 锷 熸 晥 1 銆 丄 偄 偏偏 吤 吤 吤 溜 庤 タ 鐡 Cang 湔 駒 ╁ 姗姗 委 姩 姩 委 姒 委ュ悆瑗跨摐鍚庢帓灏块噺浼氬鍔狅紝浠庤€屽噺灏戣儐鑹茬礌鐨勫惈閲忥紝骞朵娇澶т究鐣呴€氾紝瀵规不鐤楅粍鐤告湁涓€瀹氫綔鐢ㄣ€傚彟澶栵紝瑗跨摐鐨勫埄灏夸綔鐢ㄨ繕鑳戒娇鐩愬垎鎺掑嚭浣撳锛屽噺杞绘诞鑲匡紝鐗瑰埆鏄吙閮ㄦ诞鑲匡紝瀵瑰洜闀挎椂闂村潗鍦ㄧ數鑴戝墠鑰屽弻鑵块夯鏈ㄨ偪鑳€鐨勫コ鎬ф潵璇达紝瑗跨摐鏄竴绉嶅ぉ鐒剁殑缇庤吙姘存灉銆?I’m going to edit it, I’m going to do it, I’m going to cross it, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it, I’m talking about it, I’m going to pick it up.厜娉姐€傛妸瑗跨摐鑲夋斁鍦ㄧ閲屽帇纰庯紝鐒跺悗灏忓績鍦拌繃婊ゅ嚭姹佹潵锛屼究鏄渶濂芥渶澶╃劧鐨勭毊鑲よ皟鑹插墏浜嗐€傛瘡澶╂棭鏅氬湪鍖栧涔嬪墠灏嗗畠褰撳寲濡嗘按浣跨敤锛屾竻鏂拌€屼笉鍒烘縺锛屽潥鎸佷笅鍘昏兘浣胯劯鑹叉洿浣筹紝濡嗗鎸佷箙浜附銆傜敤鍓╃殑瑗跨摐姹佸彲鏀惧湪鍐扮鍐呬繚瀛橈紝涓夊ぉ涔嬪唴涓嶄細鍙樿川銆傝繖绉嶅寲濡嗘按澶╃劧绾补锛岄殢鍋氶殢鐢紝闈炲父閫傚悎鏁忔劅鑲よ川鐨勪汉銆?銆佽В鏆戞皵鐩涘锛岃丹鏃ョ値鐐庯紝涓€浜涗汉鎰熷埌鑳搁椃涓嶉€傦紝绮剧钀庨潯锛岀柌鎯箯鍔涳紝澶Remaining: Do you know how to do it? Do you want to know how to do it? Do you want to know how to do it? Do you want to know how to do it?This is the case: 2 quiz, 2 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 1 quiz, 2 quiz, 2 quiz 銆?It ‘s not a good idea to protect it. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.棩鏈嶄袱涓夌泤锛岃交鐨勫氨姝ゆ不鎰堛€傚彂鐑笉閫€鐨勶紝鍙敤娣¤眴璞?This is the case of the 6-year-old woman who has been working on the computer, and it has been drilled. It ‘s a bit slower. It ‘s not easy to draw it out. It ‘s not easy to draw a picture.獊鐒舵槒鍊掓垨鍚愭郴涓嶆锛屽簲璇峰尰鎬ユ不锛屾鏂逛笉瀹滃簲鐢ㄣ€備絾鏈嶈嵂浼戝吇鍚庯紝浠ヨタ鐡滄眮浠f浛楗枡涔熸槸鐩稿疁鐨勩€?No matter what you are doing, you will be able to see if you are 100, 100, or 150, or 1500 or so, if you want to read it, or if you want to read it, or if you want to cross it, or if you want to check it out, if you want to check it out, you will be able to read it.涓嶇敤鍓婂幓澶栫毊)500鍏嬶紝鐓哺鍚庡喎鍗淬€傞ギ姹わ紝涓€鏃ユ暟娆°€傛柟涓豢璞嗙敇鍑夛紝鍙秷鑲夸笅姘斻€佹竻鐑В姣?瑗跨摐鐨敇瀵掞紝鍙竻鐑В鏆戙€侀櫎鐑︽娓淬€?銆佸仴鑴炬秷鏆戞柊椴滆タ鐡滅毊100鍏嬶紝澶ф灒10鏋氾紝鍏辩厧姹わ紝姣忔棩褰撹尪楗€?Zhi Cheng.闃宠タ鐡滅毊鍒囦笣锛屽紑姘寸劘鍚庢崬鍑猴紝涓庣啛楦′笣銆佺槮鑲変笣鍔犺皟鏂欓鐢ㄣ€?

[Pregnant woman coughs what to eat fast]_Recommended diet


[Pregnant woman coughs what to eat fast]_Recommended diet

Women are in a special stage during pregnancy. If a cold cough occurs at this time, some drugs cannot be taken indiscriminately, because obesity caused by some drugs will have some effects. If a cough occurs during pregnancy, you can use some diet to regulate it.For example, eating some rock sugar pears, white radishes and other foods can tandem the lungs and cough.

Almond porridge, almonds have the effect of cough and phlegm, prepare almond peanut almond porridge, prepare fresh almonds, remove the shell and add the stem rice, and then boil over high heat, and then slowly cook, almonds can alleviate cough during pregnancy,Eat twice a day, can also be eaten as a meal, but should not eat more.

For white radish and pear soup, choose big white radish, one pear, two peeled white radish and pear, and cut into pieces. Add some honey and cook in the pot. Cook for more than 20 minutes to make white radish and pear soup.All have good cough suppressant effect.

Lily porridge lily is a good medicine for moistening lungs and relieving cough. Fresh lily, boiled with rice and boiled in the pot, and then add some rock sugar, lily rock sugar has the effect of cough and phlegm. If it is caused by excessive lung during pregnancyCough, eating lily porridge is the best.

Chuanbei porridge Chuanbei is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. The Chuanbei is ground into powder and cooked with the previous rice to make porridge.

Chuanbei has a good effect on cough caused by lung fever and cough caused by bronchitis. Western medicine cannot be taken during pregnancy, but you can choose to take some Chinese medicine to treat cough. Chuanbei cough porridge is a better way to treat cough.
Cough during pregnancy must not be taken indiscriminately, many drugs will affect the development of the fetus, and even cause deformities, so it is best to choose diet therapy for cough during pregnancy.

Energy-saving wind power (601016) quarterly report comments: poor wind resources in the first quarter, profit growth will increase investment in 19 years

Energy-saving wind power (601016) quarterly report comments: poor wind resources in the first quarter, profit growth will increase investment in 19 years
Event: Energy-saving wind power released a quarterly report and achieved revenue in 1Q195.500 million, a decline of 重庆耍耍网 9 per year.7%, net profit attributable to mother 1.100 million, a decrease of 42 every year.2%, net profit after deduction to non-mother is 1.100 million, down 43 each year.1%, recorded EPS0.027 yuan. Poor wind resources in the first quarter caused a decline in power generation. At the same time, the decline in average on-grid electricity prices caused continuous declines in revenue and net profit.In the first quarter, the company realized a power generation capacity of 14.200 million kWh, a decline of 13 per year.1%, mainly due to the impact of wind resources than in the same period last year, of which the company is located in Hebei, Gansu and Mengxi wind farms alternately generating more than 20%.At the same time, the company’s marketization charge reached 5 in the first quarter.200 million kWh, an increase of 34 each 夜来香体验网 year.0%, the proportion of market-based electricity reached 38.4% previously increased by 13.5 averages.As the market-based electricity price was lower than the benchmark electricity price, the average on-grid electricity price in the first quarter gradually decreased3.7% to 0.RMB 462 / kWh. Investment will be increased in 2019.At the end of 18, the company gradually installed 290 units.80,000 kilowatts, and the installed capacity under construction and preparation for installation reached 166 respectively.80 thousand kilowatts and 226.80,000 kilowatts.The company plans to invest 2.8 billion yuan in wind power in 19 years, more than 18 years.In addition, the merger of companies accelerated the pace of mergers and acquisitions and the development of overseas projects. Investment suggestion: In the future, the speed of gradual development will increase, the installed capacity will increase, and the abandonment rate will continue to decline. We expect the net profit in 19/20 to be 5.900 million / 8.400 million, EPS is 0.14 yuan and 0.20 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Power demand and supplementary installed capacity are less than expected; risks such as poor wind resources.

Xiang Piaopiao (603711) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Cup of Milk Tea Maintains Steady Increase in Juice and Fruit Juice

Xiang Piaopiao (603711) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Cup of Milk Tea Maintains Steady Increase in Juice and Fruit Juice
Event: The company released its 2019 quarterly report.From January to March 2019, the total operating income was 8.3.7 billion, an annual increase of 28.26%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.5.2 billion, an annual increase of 83.61%, performance exceeded expectations. Opinion: The cup of milk tea keeps increasing steadily, and the fruit tea continues to increase its volume.In the first quarter of 2019, the company’s brewed milk tea achieved revenue6.2.3 billion, an annual increase of 6.56%; of which the classic series achieved revenue 4.09 million yuan, an annual increase of 14.86%; Good material series achieved revenue 2.1.4 billion, down 6 every year.35%.Revenue from ready-to-drink 20.5 billion, an annual increase of 232.6%; of which liquid milk tea achieves zero revenue.3.5 billion, down 44 each year.08%; juice tea achieved revenue 1.7.1 billion yuan, continued heavy volume. Core areas maintained steady growth and continued to explore the national market.In the first quarter of 2019, the distributor channel achieved revenue7.7.8 billion, an annual increase of 25.32%; of which the East China market realized revenue 3.1.8 billion, an annual increase of 2.09%; Southwest and Central China markets achieved revenue1.3.5 billion and 1.3 trillion, each growing 50.73% and 50.68%; Northwest, South China, North China, and Northeast markets each achieved zero revenue.8.1 billion, 0.5.2 billion, 0.4.1 billion and 0.2 trillion, an increase of 33 each year.32%, 46.83%, 42% and 155.31%.E-commerce channel realized zero revenue.4.3 billion, an annual increase of 68.79%.In the first quarter, the number of dealers increased by 73, and the total number of dealers reached 1,360. Profitability has improved.The company’s consolidated gross margin for the first quarter of 2019 increased by 3 each.62 good 39.16%; the period expense rate drops by 1 each year.26 are good to 30.6%, of which the sales expense ratio decreases by 2.26 excellent to 24.86%, the management expense rate increased by 0 in 武汉夜网论坛 ten years.67 perfect to 5.7%, the financial expense rate increased by 0 in ten years.32 perfect to 0.03%.Benefiting from higher gross margins and lower expense ratios, net margins increased by 1.87 perfect to 6.twenty one%. Maintain a cautious recommendation level.The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is expected to be 0.95 yuan and 1.13 yuan (upgrade of profit forecast), corresponding to PE and 31 times and 26 times respectively.The company’s cup of milk tea is expected to maintain a steady increase, the volume of juice tea is imminent, and the expansion of production capacity is progressing in an orderly manner.Maintain a cautious recommendation level. Risk warning: food safety risks, etc.

ArcSoft Technology (688088): domestic core supplier of camera algorithms

ArcSoft Technology (688088): domestic core supplier of camera algorithms
Based on visual artificial intelligence, technology drives development.ArcSoft Technology is always committed to the development and application of visual artificial intelligence technology, and adheres to the core driving force of original technology.solution.Major customers include Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, LG, Sony, Transsion and other 杭州夜网论坛 well-known global mobile phone manufacturers.  Smartphone cameras have grown rapidly, and years of technology have accumulated competitive advantages.With the popularization of smart phones and the rise of mobile Internet and social software, cameras have become an important component for smart phone users to create content and value, and consumers have increasingly demanded smart phone photography functions.For the single main camera on the front and back of the mobile phone, after more than ten years of product iteration, Arcsoft’s accumulated image and video solutions.  The penetration rate of 3D depth cameras has increased, and system algorithms have opened the market.Approximately an ordinary 2D camera that can only obtain plane image information, in addition to the plane image, the depth camera can also obtain the depth 北京桑拿 information of the subject.There are many applications for depth cameras, including biometrics, 3D modeling, human-computer interaction, and enhanced AR / VR experiences.At present, the main application of the depth camera in the field of mobile phones is to realize face recognition functions, such as device unlocking, mobile payment, and the like.  The investment suggestion company is the domestic leader in camera algorithms. We expect the company to achieve net profit in 19-21.2, 3.0, 4.0 billion, corresponding to the current market value of PE is 95, 70, 51 times, the first coverage is given a “strong recommendation” level.  Risk warnings 1) Camera algorithms are integrated by chip manufacturers and terminal manufacturers; 2) More artificial intelligence companies enter the field leading to fierce price wars; 3) The pace of camera innovation is reduced, and the demand for new algorithms is reduced.

Stay away from the top eight killers spike bright bright eyes _1

Stay away from the top eight killers

That girl didn’t want anyone to have bright and healthy eyes, but every day heavy work, dry air-conditioned rooms, computer radiation, and those voluntary alcohol and tobacco entertainment . Finally one day looking at her mirror in the mirror has been lostThe glory of the past.

Let’s reflect on ourselves!

  Hitman 1: Alcohol Alcohol is the number one enemy with beautiful eyes.

Excessive drinking can lead to dull eyes and bloodshot eyes; long-term drinking can cause rough skin and stains on the eyes.

  The reason for the problem is that people who drink alcohol will look red and their temperature will rise.

That’s because alcohol promotes blood circulation and swells capillaries.

The skin around the eyes is delicate and the blood vessels are very small. If you drink too much, the capillaries can easily break, causing spots on the eye skin.

  The way to avoid this enemy is: hide as far away as possible; if you ca n’t avoid it, you have to drink alcohol as a last resort. You must drink more water or fruit to replace its bad effect on the skin.

  Hitman 2: Excessive sun exposure can cause wrinkles around the eyes, the cause of cataracts and other eye diseases. Years of intense light stimulation can accelerate the aging of the lens.

The lens is gradually becoming opaque, and vision is clouded, which can seriously lead to blindness.

  How to Avoid Wearing Sunglasses or UV-proof Contact Lenses to Protect Your Eyes When the Outdoor Sun Is StrongAnd vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene and zinc in fruits can prevent certain eye diseases and wrinkles.

If you’re on a diet, reducing adult and starch intake is correct, but at the same time be sure to increase your vegetable and fruit intake.

  How to avoid is mainly to increase the absorption of fruits and vegetables, and it is a good idea to take multivitamin supplement capsules properly, but in any case, pills are not as healthy as fresh fruits and vegetables.

  Hitman 4: Allergies If you belong to one of the many allergic people, your eyes may often feel uncomfortable for environmental reasons.

For example, the eyes may be red and swollen, itching and tearing.

Severe can cause chronic conjunctivitis.

  The cause of the problem in people who are allergic is to respond to certain substances suspended in the air, such as pollen, ragweed, grasses, molds, animal hair, etc.

Whenever these people come in contact with an allergen, the immune system reacts, causing the eyes to become swollen and itchy.

Nowadays, more and more people are facing allergies of varying degrees due to the exhaust of cars, dust, and serious environmental pollution.

  How to prevent some people from reducing their exposure to allergens is to avoid going out during the spring and autumn seasons when there are too many pollen and molds; you can also buy special air filters to purify indoor air.

When you have allergic symptoms, you should immediately seek help from an ophthalmologist. Never buy medicines without permission.

Long-term dependence on steroids may cause glaucoma.

  Recommended: Anti-allergic drugs (Pulmin, Astemizine, etc.), Chloramphenicol Eye Drops. More Tips: Eat more food that is good for the eye, not as good as food, pay attention to the daily diet, and eat more food that is good for the eyeBrighter.

Like amaranth, mustard, bitter gourd, carrot, sweet gardenia, figs, animal kidneys, herring, white fish, mussels, snails, etc. are all healthy food for the eyes.

Can also be 15 grams of mulberry, 9 grams of white chrysanthemum, a spoonful of sugar, decoction, once a day; or 20 grams of wolfberry, chew, once a day, half a month as a course of treatment.

In addition, often drinking chrysanthemum tea is also good for the eyes.

  3B Vision Care Tips 1.

Blink (multi-blinking): continuous staring at the computer will reduce eye blinking and cause eye dryness, so you should blink more often to keep your eyes moist.


Breathe (deep breathing): Prolonged condensation on the computer screen often results in temporary cessation of breathing. Keep breathing smooth and relax your body and mind.


Breaks (moderate breaks): Every 10 minutes of work or reading should look at the distance for 10 seconds, so that the eyes can relax.

Every hour of work or reading, you should rest for 5 minutes. You can do some eye movements to rest your eyes.

Every work or reading 2?
Get up for a cup of tea in 3 hours.

Spring Quozhao Recipe

Spring Quozhao Recipe

Recommend three simple and practical anti-spring dry diet treatments: two pear porridge pears, washed and chopped with belt nuclei, add 100 grams of rice before porridge.

It has the effects of refreshing and moistening dryness, clearing heat and reducing phlegm, and can also be used as spring health food.

  Tremella congee will Tremella 5?
10 grams soak and swell, add 100 grams of previous rice, jujube 3?
5 pieces of porridge.

Tremella is sweet and flat, and has the effects of nourishing yin, nourishing the lungs, and nourishing the stomach and nourishing the body.

  Lily porridge 60 grams of fresh lily, moderate sugar, add 100 grams of rice before cooking porridge.

It has the effect of clearing the heart and moisturizing the lungs, and it is more suitable for the symptoms such as unresolved heat and fever, anxiety and panic after fever.

Pregnant baby, do you have these mistakes

Pregnant baby, do you have these mistakes

I don’t know the addition of muddy foods. When the baby is 4-6 months, pure breast milk replacement or formula must already meet the needs of growth and development, and muddy foods must be added as “complementary food”.

However, some breast-fed babies have not established the habit of feeding muddy foods by 8-9 months.

If you don’t enter the muddy food in time, not only will you not be able to get full nutrition, but because 4-6 months is the key period for the baby to promote chewing function and taste development, gradually increasing the muddy complementary food to supplement the baby’s lack of chewingStimulation delays the development of masticatory function or low masticatory function, which causes difficulties, which is prone to the phenomenon of delayed language development, poor cognition, and low IQ of operation.

  Add paste-like food to infants 4-6 months old, mainly nutritious rice noodles fortified with multivitamins and minerals.

At the same time to ensure the quality of the mud-like food, gradually add different colors, different flavors and different flavors of food.

Such as egg yolk, vegetable puree, fruit puree, fish puree, liver puree, meat puree, etc. to stimulate the baby’s taste, while meeting the needs of growth and development.

  Heme iron implantation is too low Iron deficiency anemia is a frequent occurrence in infancy.

Mainly due to iron deficiency.

In infants and young children, the source of iron is mostly dependent on food.

There are two sources of iron in food. One is heme iron, which comes from foods high in animal protein, such as lean meat, animal liver, animal blood, and fish. These foods are even high in iron and are absorbed.The process is not affected by other foods in the contamination; the other is non-heme iron, which comes from vegetable foods such as vegetables, cereals, and red beans.

  In the pregnancy of a baby, many parents like to eat fish and shrimp for the baby (the iron content of the shrimp is reduced). They feel that the meat is not easy to cook, the baby cannot chew, and it is not easy to digest. They think that the liver is a detoxification organ and there are many “poisons”.It is rarely given to babies, so that the replacement of heme iron is insufficient.

It also reduces the absorption of non-heme iron.

In order to prevent iron deficiency anemia, in addition to encouraging breast milk intake (high iron absorption in breast milk), formula should be consumed when breast milk is insufficient.

After 4 months, in addition to fortified nutritional rice flour, liver mud and meat mud should be gradually added after 6 months to increase heme iron.

In addition, vegetables and fruits must be added at the same time. Fruits added with vitamin C include oranges, kiwis, strawberries, etc. It is best to eat them immediately after meals to promote iron absorption.

  Too many kinds of food are monotonous Many parents do not recognize the baby’s food types and cooking methods, too many monotonous foods for babies, such as eating greens, fish and egg yolks for babies every day; some parents use vegetable flour, fish meal and liver every dayMixing rice noodles in rice noodles makes it impossible for the baby to distinguish the taste and shape of different foods. Over time, the baby does not even get comprehensive nutrition and is unwilling to accept new foods. It may even cause anorexia and partial eating.

There is no natural food in the world that contains all the nutrients that the human body needs. Only by eating a variety of foods can comprehensive nutrition be obtained.

When cooking, mothers can have more tricks and develop the habit of eating various foods for the baby.

  Generally, babies after 1 year of age should eat at least 10 kinds of food every day, and can gradually increase to 30 kinds in the future. They can eat many types of food together, such as “fried five dices”: potato, carrot, peaMushrooms and pork are cut into small cubes and fried.

Another example is borscht, you can put onions, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and beef.

These dishes have a wide variety of foods, bright colors, and comprehensive nutrients, and are worth recommending.

  Drink more fruit juice. When it comes to fruit juice, parents will think this is a healthy food. The more the baby drinks, the better.

But scientific research has shown that excessive amounts of residual juice in babies can cause malnutrition.

Because if you drink too much juice, the amount of breast milk or formula milk supplements will naturally decrease.

Most fruit juices contain a lot of carbohydrates (sugars). If a large amount is ingested into the body, it can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence in the baby, so the fruit juice does not provide real nutrients.

In addition, many fruity drinks are not 100% pure fruit juices. Sweeteners, artificial flavors and other chemical ingredients are added to the fruit, which affects the baby’s health.

It is recommended that mothers do not feed juice to infants under 6 months of age, and it is not advisable to drink juice to babies before going to bed.

  Give your baby too much eggs. Eggs are rich in nutrients, which are converted into protein, minerals and multivitamins, which have a significant impact on your baby’s growth and development.

However, if parents give eggs to their baby as a staple food, they think that the more they eat, the better, which is very unscientific.

Infants and young children’s digestive system is not fully developed, and various digestive enzymes are released too much. Eating too much eggs will increase the burden on the baby’s body, causing indigestion and discarding vomiting and diarrhea.

In addition, too much protein can increase nitrogen in the body and increase the burden on the kidneys.

Therefore, some nutrition experts recommend that infants under 1 year old eat only egg yolk, and no more than one per day.

Older babies can eat whole eggs, but they can’t eat too much. Eat one per day.

If there is protein in the baby’s stool, it means that the baby is malabsorption, and it should be appropriately treated with drugs or food.

Try not to give your baby fried or raw eggs.

  Many parents are afraid of insufficient nutrition in their diet and cannot meet the baby’s growth and development needs, so they will buy some nutrition or supplements for the baby, such as American ginseng, white fungus, longan and bee milkFood is a tonic that promotes baby growth and development.

In fact, the nutritional value of some nutritional supplements is not high, and may also contain hormones, which may cause premature puberty.

There are also some parents who are always worried about the lack of the baby and the “bad supplement” for the baby, such as giving the baby cod liver oil, eating multiple vitamins at the same time, eating calcium powder and multiple mineral supplements, causingExcessive intake of these nutrients or an improper ratio of nutrients can be very detrimental to your baby’s physical development.Medication supplements are not as good as food supplements. As long as balanced compensation is maintained, the baby’s nutrition can be basically balanced.

And various nutrients obtained through food.

Even the excess can be balanced by the contraction of the body and rarely causes poisoning.

Woman has the following symptoms alert to kidney deficiency

Woman has the following symptoms alert to kidney deficiency

Although many people are reluctant to admit it, the number of people suffering from kidney deficiency is really increasing.

People once thought that kidney deficiency was only a man’s patent, but investigations showed that women with kidney deficiency also increased significantly. Many white-collar women are even more targeted by kidney deficiency . In fact, “men are afraid of liver damage, women are afraid of kidney damage”, as the saying goes.Thousands of years ago, the essence of women’s kidney tonic was revealed.

  The kidney is the engine of a woman’s health and beauty. A woman’s age is engraved on her waist.

The twin sisters of the kidney lay quietly on the left and right sides of the 1-3 vertebrae of the human waist.

Traditional medicine believes that “kidney hides essence” (don’t think of “fine” as a man’s patent, this “fine” is not another “fine”, the essence here is the basis of human growth and development and various physiological activities), Is the “congenital essence”, which affects the human body’s growth and development, reproduction, water metabolism, immunity, brain development, blood circulation and other physiological activities. Therefore, your external color is bleak, and your internal life is high.Blood pressure is due to the deficiency of the kidney, and “kidney deficiency” is the primary cause of our aging.

Coupled with women’s unique menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation, it is easy to cause “kidney deficiency” due to insufficient kidney essence, so it is necessary to take adequate precautionary measures.

  What is the cause of a woman’s kidney deficiency?

  Recently, I learned from the Department of Nephrology of major hospitals that due to the increasing pressure of modern women’s survival, the general use of air conditioning in offices leads to dry and turbid air, and women’s own low immunity and physiological characteristics, resulting in kidney weakness in young women, and the proportion of complications exceedsTo transcend.

Besides, what are the culprits?

  Poor immunity indirectly damages kidneys. First, women’s immunity is lower than men’s. Some autoimmune diseases, such as lupus erythematosus and dermatomyositis, occur most frequently in young and middle-aged women.

With the change of modern social environment, this immune disease is becoming more and more frequent.

When the immune system is damaged, the kidneys can also be damaged on the ground.

  In addition, because women’s urethra is relatively wide, straight and directly leads to the bladder, it is easy to cause infections, and the proportion of diseases such as cystitis and urethritis is also very high. If chronic disease is not controlled, it will also cause nephritis in the reverse direction.

Therefore, women are born with high incidence of kidney diseases.

  Sentimental and susceptible to kidney cancer Modern women are under unprecedented competitive pressure, while young white-collar workers bear the brunt, and women are prone to sentimentality, so young women are the most emotionally stressed out group.

Under long-term depression, the body’s immunity is also disturbed, and the kidney may gradually appear due to this.

  In addition, office white-collar workers have been in an unventilated, air-conditioned environment for a long time. Excessive levels of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and toxic dust in the air will cause the immune function of the organs such as the kidney to decline. If they continue to develop, nephritis may develop.

Modern people can accept fast food residues, the nutritional structure is unreasonable, the transition is too high, and too many kidneys will lead to decreased resistance.

  Overdose of health products also suffer from nephropathy. The clinical manifestations of kidney weakness are dry mouth, dull complexion, frequent urination, urgency, weak waist and knees, etc. In severe cases, symptoms such as tinnitus, hematuria, blurred vision, etc.

Experts point out that after the above symptoms, do not rush into medical treatment.

Many kidney diseases are caused by unclear personal constitutions, so-called professional doctors’ diagnosis, overuse, excessive use of health products, and disruption of the internal balance of the human body.

In winter, the weather is dry, you can open the window properly and drink plenty of water to prevent kidney yin deficiency.

Eat more cool foods in your diet, such as yam, coriander, honeysuckle, mung beans, cassia seeds, fish soup, etc.

Young white-collar workers should prevent overwork, and at the same time strengthen their inner cultivation to prevent intense emotional changes.

  If you have the following symptoms, then be wary of kidney deficiency already happening to you.
Hair loss more. You once had a lovely long black hair, but recently it has gradually dried up, thinned and tarnished?

The best shampoo and hair care products, once a week of professional care, can’t save the awkward situation above your head.

Then you have to think about whether your problem is related to kidney failure.

  Eyelid puffiness When you wake up in the morning, your eyes are dry. Maybe you think it was because you worked too long at the computer the day before, and it is slow. Take a closer look. Is your lower eyelid swollen badly?

Be careful, these are the signs of kidney deficiency, indicating that the kidneys cannot overcome the production of urine to expel toxins in the body in time, and the function is diminishing.

  Menopause harassing hot flushes in advance, night sweats, prolonged menstrual cycles, emotional changes . If these menopausal symptoms find you in your 30s, you should check if your kidneys are problematic.

Chinese medicine believes that the essence of deficiency syndrome is aging.

People with “kidney deficiency” who have been suffering from kidney damage for a long time are aging faster.

  Getting fat, getting fat, and getting fat again does not increase the food intake, everything is as usual in life, but the weight keeps rising.

Even if you exercise for a lot of hours every day, the results are not ideal.

Although few people associate obesity with kidney deficiency, the truth is that one of the culprits in getting fat is kidney deficiency.

  Sexual indifference in his early thirties should have been like a wolf, but you have become a nun in the temple.

Kidney deficiency may be the culprit.
  Afraid that if someone in the cold office thinks that the right temperature always makes you hiccup, it is difficult for you and your colleagues to agree on the air conditioning temperature.
Also, do you always wear more clothes than others, and do you have diarrhea as soon as you get cold.

Chinese medicine believes that these are caused by kidney yang deficiency.