[How Toast Omelette Sandwich]_ Home Toast Omelette Sandwich Practice _ Toast Omelette Sandwich Practice _ How Toast Omelette Sandwich

[How Toast Omelette Sandwich]_ Home Toast Omelette Sandwich Practice _ Toast Omelette Sandwich Practice _ How Toast Omelette Sandwich

In the face of so many delicious foods on the market, I know that many people can’t resist the temptation, but there are many foods that are not clean. In this situation, we can actually learn to cook at home by ourselvesDemonstrate the practice of toasted omelette sandwiches.


Beat 1 egg into egg liquid (usually one egg can be fried with two toasts).


2 Cut the sliced toast into two triangles diagonally.


1 Cover both sides of the cut toast with egg liquid.


2 Pour an appropriate amount of color paste into a pan and burn.


Fry until golden on both sides.


Beat 3 to 4 eggs into egg liquid, spread into quiches in a pan, sprinkle with salt, crushed basil, crushed rosemary.


Cut the quiche into a triangle and sandwich it into the fried toast.

After cutting a few slices of oranges to a cup of milk or soy milk, it is nutritious and easy to transition to have extra breakfast.

At this point, the recipe for toasted omelette sandwich is finished.

I believe that you have your own thoughts in your heart after deep understanding.

Then all you need to do is walk into the kitchen and make it a reality.

The moment when dreams come into reality, they must be star-studded.

[How to cook chicken in a pressure cooker?】 _How to do_How to do

銆 愰 珮 铡 嬨 嬨 搒 栭 Floe 咫 娛 囉 囉 盆 銆 抆 撝 箞 鐞 歞 湞 傘 傡 How to prepare a pot?
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[How to make spicy food on a stand]_How to make_How to make

[How to make spicy food on a stand]_How to make_How to make

Spicy mix is a very popular street snack. It is a food made with potatoes, cabbage, bean sprouts, fish balls, sausages, kelp knots and other ingredients. Spicy mix after cooking, taste delicious, unique taste, canMeet the taste buds of many people.

However, although many people like to eat spicy mixes, they do not want to buy spicy mixes at small stalls outside.

In fact, through the following methods, everyone can enjoy delicious spicy mixes as long as they are at home!

Ingredients 1, Vegetables: Potatoes, Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, tong hao vegetables, kohlrabi (cauliflower), bean sprouts 2, non-staple food: wide flour, fine flour, fish ball, sausage, dried tofu (southernYou can use tofu skin instead of Kazakhstan), tofu skin (unlike southern tofu skin, southern tofu skin is called dried tofu in Fushun), meatballs, kelp knot, instant noodles, and twist (of course the cheapest).

3, seasoning: hot pepper sauce (recommended to use Laoganma hot and spicy sauce, sold in major supermarkets across the country), sesame oil, sugar, vinegar (preferably aged vinegar), salt, chicken essence (flavored also possible), starch (add water to replace), Sesame, cumin, sesame sauce (at least, stir well with starch water), peanut butter (simply put peanuts into small pieces or powder, this is a bit difficult, so friends who have the conditions can add some and become your spicyIt tastes very fragrant).

Method 1, first soak the wide powder in water 6 or 7 hours in advance, generally soak it before going to bed, in the morning.

(Set the time according to the quality of the wide flour, some good wide flour is good for 1 or 2 hours) 2. Wash the vegetables gradually and cut the potato chips into slices. To ensure hygiene, the non-staple food can also be passed a littlewater.

3. Prepare a large pot of water, boil it and put some salt.

Then put the potatoes into the pot, wait for 2 minutes, put the other dishes in the pot, cover the pot, wait for 1 or 2 minutes, wait for the water to boil again, and put the other non-staple food in the pot.

During this period, you should use a spoon to stir the contents of the pot, so as to become fully cooked.

(Finally, the instant noodles) 4. The non-staple food can be turned off after 2 minutes. Then take a large pot, which can be used to wash fruits and vegetables at home, and start to prepare the seasoning.

5. Take two tablespoons of sugar, and the amount of chili sauce (1?
2 spoons), less than half a spoon of sesame oil, 2 spoons of vinegar, seasoned with salt, smashed chicken essence, starch with a little water, sesame, a small amount of cumin, peanut momo ~~ stir well (depending on personal taste) 6, will onlyPut the contents of the pot into a large bowl with a colander (be sure to dry without water, or it will be spicy), and stir well.

During this period, you can taste the taste of Hefei, as long as the dishes are still hot, you can continue to add.

Only until the taste suits your own taste.

Cooking skills1. Make the spicy ingredients freely, hot whatever you want, like potato chips, cabbage, artemisia, kale, bean sprouts, lettuce, mushrooms, etc. I can use whatever I have at home; 2My spicy oil is fried with hemp pepper and chili. I fry it in half a small bowl at a time. Do not remove the fried hemp pepper and chili. Do n’t leave the oil alone. Add a little bit of vegetables every time. Very good.eat.

So my spicy mix doesn’t look that red and red, but it’s definitely spicy; 3, the ingredients at the snack stand are mixed and cooked, I think it’s better to separate, because the time required is not the same as the length, some kind ofFlammulina velutipes, as long as it is hot for 30 seconds, can’t bite and plug its teeth after a long time; 4. If you can’t eat spicy, put less spicy oil, spicy sauce and Laoganma hot pepper;Dried sesame oil, soy sauce, and seafood sauce have salty flavors, so no salt is added. If the taste is heavy, add it appropriately.

Zaisheng Technology (603601) In-depth Tracking Report: Leading Micro Glass Fiber Cotton Products Enjoy Industry Dividends

Zaisheng Technology (603601) In-depth Tracking Report: Leading Micro Glass Fiber Cotton Products Enjoy Industry Dividends

The company is a leading company in micro-glass fiber cotton products, committed to clean air and efficient energy-saving solutions. The entire industry chain has significant advantages, and the downstream market space has grown rapidly.

We predict that the company’s EPS for 2019-2022 will be 0.




61 yuan per share, CAGR for 2020-2022 is 34%.

According to PEG estimates, 34 times PE in 2020 is given, corresponding to a target price of 12 yuan, and maintain a “buy” rating.

Glass fiber cotton faucet, dedicated to clean air and energy-efficient solutions.

Zaisheng Technology focuses on the application development research of ultra-fine fibers, membrane materials, adsorption materials and sound-absorbing insulation materials, etc., with materials as the cornerstone, deeply digging the advantages of materials, functionalizing, compounding and productizing materials

The company continues to explore the market through endogenous epitaxy, using glass fiber wool production capacity6.

6 mm, filter paper production capacity of 9,000 tons, VIP core material (including fiber cotton) production capacity 2.

5 Every day, AGM chip capacity is 6000 tons, 8 air filter production lines and 6 FUU production lines. It is expected that capital expenditure will be invested in the future to continue to increase market share.

Opening up and downstream to form the advantages of the entire industry chain, the business model is unique.

The company makes full use of product performance advantages and brand advantages to build a “design + production + sales + service” business module to create an industrial chain layout of “core material production” + “smart equipment manufacturing” + “system solution services”.

The upstream three raw material construction cost advantages; the midstream filter paper controls the addition and replaces the market; the downstream equipment opens up new fields of application.

  The company’s business model is leading, and the leader is expected to further consolidate.

With 100 billion yuan of clean air, the company enjoys market dividends.

The field of clean air downstream applications is broad. According to our calculations, the total space of the clean air market in the next three years will exceed 100 billion US dollars, of which chips, panels, medicine, breeding and 南京桑拿网 other are 86.4 billion, 51.6 billion, 30 billion, 60 trillion, 150trillion.

  In terms of filter paper, it is estimated that the new market will total nearly 10 billion US dollars in three years and the annual replacement demand will reach US $ 4.8 billion.

  As a leading company in the industry, the company has significant competitive advantages. It is expected to benefit from the continuous development of downstream application areas and the continuous expansion of the market size to achieve rapid volume growth.

Demand for high efficiency and energy saving has steadily increased, and expansion of production capacity has contributed to the increase.

In terms of VIP core materials, under the dual impetus of energy saving and environmental protection, its penetration rate in the field of refrigerators and freezers promotes a rapid increase. According to our calculations, the potential market space for VIP core materials on domestic refrigerators and freezers alone has reached $ 11.4 billion.

On the two sides of AGM, downstream battery demand is solid.

The company has advantages in cost and scale, expands production capacity, and is expected to further contribute to performance increase.

Risk factors: intensified market competition; fluctuations in product prices; capacity construction is less than expected.

Investment suggestion: The company is a leading company in micro glass fiber cotton, and the downstream market space is developing rapidly.

Taking into account the trade friction between China and the United States in 2019 that delays clean air orders in the electronics sector, other sectors such as farming are expected to contribute performance gains and drive the company’s performance growth to resume growth. We adjusted the company’s 2019-21 return to net profit attributable to1.



2.2 billion (previous forecast was 2.



68 ppm), with a net profit forecast of 4 in 2020.

30 ppm, corresponding to EPS prediction of 0.




61 yuan per share, CAGR for 2020-2022 is 34%.According to PEG estimation, PEG = 1 is given 34 times PE in 2020, corresponding to a target price of 12 yuan, maintaining a “buy” rating.

BYD (002594): Compensation for downhill pressure increases the company’s Q3 performance significantly improved

BYD (002594): Compensation for downhill pressure increases the company’s Q3 performance significantly improved

Event: The company announced the results for the third quarter of 2019 and achieved operating income of 938 from January to September.

200 million, a five-year growth of 5.

4%; net profit attributable to mother 15.

70,000 yuan, an annual increase of 3.

1%; net profit attributable to non-return to mother 5.

9 ppm, an increase of 455 in ten years.

8%; net cash flow from operating activities 38.

300 million, down 42 every year.


The company expects to gradually realize net profit attributable to mothers in 201915.

800 million-17.

7 ‰, an average of 36 in ten years.

2% -42.


The growth rate of new energy vehicle sales dropped sharply, and the company’s Q3 performance significantly changed the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in the first three quarters.

7 million, Air Force preview is 15.


6 trillion, close to the lower limit of the notice interval.

Company Q3 achieved operating income of 316.

4 ‰, the ten-year average of 9.

2%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

2 ‰, an average of 88 in ten years.

6%; net profit after deducting non-attribution increased by 1.

500 million.

The company’s Q3 performance was weak, mainly due to the new energy replenishment entering the formal period, the decline in the range has widened, and the new energy vehicle market as a whole has fallen short of expectations.

Company Q3 sells new energy vehicles 4.

70,000, 31 years ago.

5% (19H1 half-year increase of 94.

5%), sales growth rate has dropped significantly.

This year’s new subsidy policy was implemented late, 4Q19 may not be installed, overlapping the high base in the fourth quarter of last year, so the company ‘s Q4 performance pressure broke through. According to the three quarterly announcement announcement guidelines, the company is expected to achieve zero net profit attributable to its mother.

1 ppm-2.

0 ‰, an average of 84 in ten years.

1% -99.


Complementing the downturn + downturn in the auto market, reducing the company’s profitability Q3 gross profit margin 13.

9%, a decrease of 3 per year.

3pct, down 1 from the previous month.
5pct is mainly due to 1) the new energy supplement Q3 has entered the formal period, the replacement margin has dropped, and the prices of new energy vehicles have been under pressure; 2) the overall automotive market demand has been weak, and the fuel vehicle price system has been affected.
The company’s Q3 expense ratio is 12.

6%, a decline of 0 per year.

9pct, of which sales rate is 3.

3% (year -1.

1pc), management fee rate 3.

4% (decade +0.

8pct), R & D expense ratio 4.

2% (decade 杭州桑拿 +0.

2pct), financial rate 1.

6% (one year-0.


Profit forecast and investment advice The new energy vehicle market is affected by the subsidy’s expansion and shrinkage, which has resulted in less than expected sales. At the same time, weak automobile market demand has affected the company’s product price system, and the company’s performance has been under short-term pressure.

In the long run, the withdrawal of subsidies is conducive to the healthy development of the industry, and the tail companies are shuffled out of the market. Leading companies will be the ones with the remainder as kings and regain their full development. It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

60, 0.

52, 0.

56 yuan, corresponding to 79 for PE.

0, 90.

0, 84.

4 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: New energy vehicle sales are lower than expected, compensating for the risk of decline.

China Software (600536): What does pushing a unified OS mean?

China Software (600536): What does pushing a unified OS mean?

Event: China Software announced on the evening of December 2 that the company and its subsidiary won the bid, Tianjin Kirin and the other shareholders of the two companies signed an investment intent agreement, each shareholder with their respective investment in the winning software and Tianjin Kirin, according toThe valuation of the corresponding net assets was valued, and the new company was invested to establish a new company. The original shareholders became shareholders of the new company, and Winning Software and Tianjin Kirin became wholly-owned subsidiaries of the new company.

  Comments: 1. The new company establishes an integrated CEC Group operating system development capability. The prospect is expected. According to the announcement, each shareholder will use its own investment in the winning bidding software and Tianjin Kirin to set up a new investment based on the value of the net asset valuation.The company and the new company focus on the research and development, sales, and service of domestic operating systems, and use a unified independent brand. Its state-owned and listed company subsidiaries remain unchanged.

  According to the original shareholders’ investment in the bidding software and Tianjin Kirin, and the net assets of certain companies, it is estimated that the equity ratio of the newly established subsidiaries is as follows, and China Software will hold the new company46.

232% equity.

  After the establishment of the new company, Winning Software and Tianjin Kirin became wholly-owned subsidiaries of the new company.

The winning Kirin operating system to which the winning software belongs belongs to the Godson CPU, which has ranked first in the domestic Linux operating system market share for many years.

The Galaxy Kirin operating system to which Tianjin Kirin belongs is mainly aimed at domestic CPU platforms represented by Feiteng processors. It focuses on building 厦门夜网 the benchmark Wintel system and is compatible with the ARM standard “PK” system.

Both subsidiaries have achieved expanded R & D capabilities in the field of domestic operating systems. Mergers and acquisitions are an effective integration of CEC Group’s basic software R & D capabilities. It is expected that the Group’s innovative and trusted business will accelerate.

  2. The demand for domestic software has increased, and Chinese software is expected to integrate global network information security incidents. The network security trend in 2019 is still grim.

Network information security has become a national strategy.

The current basic software started late. At present, the domestic operating system market share has increased, and the overall ecology is imperfect. The difficulties in the promotion and use of domestic basic 南京桑拿网 software are still very great.

  But at least, through the country’s update and certification of information security, domestic operating systems have gradually been applied to some core sectors. In the past two years, it will gradually expand to finance, oil, power, telecommunications, transportation, aerospace, medical, and education.The eight major industries represented.

  3. Investment suggestion As a leader in domestic operating systems, the company is expected to benefit from the rising demand for domestic software. We expect the company to achieve net profit in 19-21.

2, 3.

5, 5.

3 ‰, corresponding to 162, 102, 67 times the current assessment, maintaining the “strong recommendation” level.

  Risk warning: Domestic operating system sales are lower than expected, domestic database sales are lower than expected, relevant policies and the government are gradually expected.

Nutritious and delicious to stimulate children’s appetite

Nutritious and delicious to stimulate children’s appetite

Each ingredient has its own special flavor.

Here are a few delicious, delicious and nutritious alternatives. They are not only good for sale, but children also love to eat them.

  Ingredients for Maw Prawn: 250 grams of fresh shrimp, 75 grams of sesame, 100 grams of egg white, salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, sugar.

  Method: 1. Remove the shell of fresh shrimp, add salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, sugar to taste (the sauce must be soaked in flavor).

  2. Remove the shrimp one by one, drag egg whites, and stick sesame seeds for later use.

  3. Raise the oil pan. When the oil pan is hot to 60%, ingest the shrimp and fry it into golden brown.

  Features: Crispy on the outside and fresh on the inside. It is a classic nutrition dish suitable for children over 3 years old.

  Opinion: Shrimp may have protein, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and vitamins A, B, etc.

Not only does sesame have a seductive fragrance, it is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, which helps to enhance memory.

Ingredients for fruity pot: one pineapple, yam, carrot, asparagus, cucumber, broccoli, tomato, salt, sugar, etc.

  Method: 1. Peel the pineapple, everything is two, and use it after hollowing.

  2, yam, peeled and sliced carrot, cut asparagus, cucumber into strips.

  3. Peel the tomatoes and slice them. Wash the broccoli and bake them.

  4. After the pan is hot, add yam, carrot, asparagus, cucumber, stir-fry when cooked, pour into the pineapple in the dish, and finally broccoli and tomato can be used to surround it.

  Features: full of aroma, rich nutrition, smooth and delicious, suitable for children over 3 years old.

  Comments: Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and minerals; carrots contain carotene, which can regulate metabolism and enhance human immunity; yam can strengthen the spleen and lungs; asparagus and cucumber are rich in vitamins C, E and zinc.

Comprehensive nutrition can stimulate the child’s appetite.

  Yuxiang ham roll ingredients: 500 grams of herring, 100 grams of winter bamboo shoots, 100 grams of ham, tomato, broccoli amount, spring onion, ginger, oil, salt, pepper, and a small amount of water starch.

  Method: 1. Wash and peel the herring, batch into slices, add salt, pepper, water starch, ginger slices and marinate for 30 minutes.

  2. Cut the winter bamboo shoots, tomatoes, ham and shallots into shreds.

  3. Wrap shredded bamboo shoots, shredded tomatoes, shredded ham in fish fillets, tie them with onion shreds, and steam them in a basket for about 5 minutes; remove them after steaming, drizzle with oil, and sauté the juice; finally, use broccoli and tomatoes.Just right.
  Features: bright color, plus tender fish, unique taste, children like it very much.

  Opinion: Herring fish has too much protein and unsaturated content, rich in vitamins and minerals, and has the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizing and nourishing liver and kidney.

The flavor of fish and the flavor of ham are very special.

  Ingredients of spiced fragrant three wires: 500 grams of dutch beans, 100 grams of winter bamboo shoots, 100 grams of sausage, oil, salt, water starch, sugar, and appropriate amount of bittern.

  Practice: 1. Shred Dutch beans, winter bamboo shoots, and sausages.

  2. After the oil pan is heated, add the three-simmered stir-fry, add a little water, salt, sugar, bittern, and stir-fry with water starch after boiling; sprinkle the most cooked oil on the pot.

  Features: green color, fresh taste.

The cooking method is unique to Jiangnan, which makes children happy to accept vegetables that they don’t usually like.

  Opinion: Fresh peas are rich in nutrients, winter bamboo shoots are rich in minerals, and sausages are rich in protein.

With vegetarian ingredients, nutrition is complementary.

Why is the amount of menstruation less?

Why is the amount of menstruation less?

The wind is in the Hummer, when the big aunt is screaming and screaming, and the state of the sister-in-law is coming to the big aunt. The four words describe the surging and the sister paper is not the opposite. Some people say that this girl’s last life must beSave the universe to get the respect of the heavens, avoid the stomach, not the pain, not much, no noisy, no fun, no heal, and less menstrual flow. Is the first day of bleeding the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the interval between the two menstrual days?It is called the menstrual cycle, so the calculation of the menstrual cycle should include the time of menstruation.

The normal menstrual cycle is 28?
35 days, the length of the cycle can vary from person to person, 7 in advance or wrong?
10 days can be regarded as a normal range, as long as it can maintain a certain regularity, it can not be considered as irregular menstruation.

What is the amount of menstruation?

Experts pointed out that there is no clear value for women’s menstrual flow, because everyone has differences due to individual body system, but they all remain at 30?
About 100 ml, more specific is that you need to change 3 every day?
5 times sanitary napkin or paper.

If the menstrual volume is reduced by 30 ml, it can be considered as a small amount of menstruation.

Shortening the amount of menstruation (less menstruation) The menstrual cycle is basically normal, the amount of menstruation is significantly reduced, or even drip is net; or the menstrual period is less than two days, and the amount of menstruation is also small, which is called “less menstruation.”

The monthly menstrual flow is less than 20 ml for less menstruation, and female friends can observe and test on their own.

What is the cause of less menstrual flow? 1 ovarian function decline As the age of women increases, blood pressure function declines, directly leading to a decrease in menstrual flow, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

2 uterine dysplasia Menstrual contraction is a bleeding phenomenon caused by the long boots of the endometrial flaking, which changes with the changes of the arterial cycle.

If the uterus is underdeveloped, that is, the uterus is still less than normal after puberty, the small uterus will inevitably lead to less endometrial exfoliation, and the direct manifestation is less menstrual flow.

Therefore, endometrial damage caused by endometrial lesions, induced abortion, curettage, etc., can also lead to a decrease in menstrual flow.

3 endocrine entropy caused by the most menstrual flow is caused by endocrine disorders, that is, the level of estrogen secretion in the body is low.

Low levels of estrogen cause the female endometrium to be difficult to proliferate, and the weak endometrium must not reach the amount required for normal menstruation, which is characterized by less menstrual flow.

There are many causes of hormone secretion, which may lead to obesity over-eating, workaholic life irregularities and related reproductive system diseases.

In this case, you can go to the hospital for endocrine hormone testing to rule out other possibilities.

4 The mental environment changes the spirit of high tension, sudden increase in stress or other persistent mental state may also lead to female estrogen secretion disorders, manifested as less menstrual flow.

Women should work and rest in peacetime, relax and maintain a healthy mindset.

Too little menstrual flow is an unhealthy manifestation that is harmful to the body.

So how to adjust the amount of menstruation?

How to adjust the amount of menstruation is small, to maintain adequate sleep “women are blood-based, with the liver as congenital”, liver and blood is very important for women.

Insufficient liver blood, the amount of menstruation is easy to become less, the skin is easy to rough, dark, long spots, long acne.

Many women want to know what to eat the most liver and blood, in fact, the most liver-healing is not food, or sleep.

At the latest, you must fall asleep before 11 pm to nourish the liver.

2, adjust your mindset and adjust your mentality.

Sometimes, psychological stress can lead to abnormal menstruation.

Mental frustration, stress and other emotions will cause menstrual abnormalities, so female friends must adjust their mentality and maintain a good attitude is very necessary.

3, eat more iron and nourishing food.

Add enough iron to avoid iron deficiency anemia.

Eat more nutritious foods such as black-bone chicken, lamb, caviar, green shrimp, prawns, pig and kidney, mussels, black beans, sea cucumbers, and walnuts.

4, don’t be too tired of menstruation, it is best not to let yourself be too tired.

Excessive physical exertion can affect the function of body organs and affect metabolism.

During the menstruation of female friends, it is best to keep a casual life and relax physically and mentally.

Female friends must not neglect the amount of menstruation, the amount of menstruation has a direct impact on women’s beautiful health and health.

When there is an abnormality in the amount of menstruation, first of all, self-test should be done, problems should be discovered, long doctors should check and verify, and the condition should be discovered early, and the body should be well-conditioned.
Whether it is a small amount of menstruation or a large amount of menstruation is an abnormal performance, in the event of menstrual disorders should pay attention to timely conditioning.

How to adjust the diet first in the menstrual period, menstrual qi and soothing liver diet can choose some qi and soothe the liver, can regulate the food of bad mood, for example: grapefruit, yam, lily, coix seed, melon, kelp, carrot, black fungus, etc.Etc., can alleviate the symptoms of menstrual depression, emotional stress, insomnia, irritability and so on.

Second, during the menstrual period, when the food of the appetite and anti-fatigue increases the menstrual period, too many women will have loss of appetite, backache, fatigue and other symptoms. At this time, they should eat more: lamb, red dates, apples, beef, milk, egg brown sugar,Good food such as motherwort.

Third, menstrual blood food during menstruation during menstruation caused by the loss of potassium, iron, magnesium and protein due to blood loss, this time should be timely to replenish the body with minerals and protein, the ingredients with blood circulation: milk, beef, 鹌鹑Eggs, longan meat, lychee meat, carrots, angelica, etc.
Finally, eating walnuts during menstruation can nourish the skin, strengthen the brain, quickly replenish physical strength, and reduce the anti-fatigue effect; eating sesame seeds, because sesame seeds are rich in vitamins, menstrual consumption can improve the rough skin condition.

Old Chinese Medicine[Brown Sugar Ginger Tea]Drink a cup on a special day, and the menstrual period is healthy!

Whitening project plan for Ms. Amy


Whitening project plan for Ms. Amy

How long is life, and how short is it.

In people’s long and short decades of spring and autumn, each day has different encounters and different stories.

However, there are some things that will persist in this life, and whitening is one of the paranoid pursuits of many women.

It is because you set up a life plan for your life in the morning, and your whitening project should also be planned well.

  20-year-old whitening workplace freshman planning object: young women 20-25 years old have just stepped out of campus and entered the workplace, and youth has spread endlessly. Every beautiful proposition is fresh and every personal life problem wants to try.

The biggest advantage is that it has good enough hormone secretion, and the disadvantage is that it doesn’t have enough budget to buy luxury care products recommended by the magazine.

  Whitening record: The protagonist’s skin is basically in good condition, with water and oil imbalance problems, and hidden dangers of acne.

In the development of skin care habits, life habits have been transformed from campus-type to workplace-type, eager for clear youthful skin.

The cognition of whitening is still at the stage of “one white covering three ugliness”, and there are not many whitening dead spots.

  Planning budget: 100-500 yuan per item.

  One of the planned coordinates began to work overtime and I encountered a large project at work. It was very exciting. Unfortunately, I had to stay up all night to catch up.

Although I would stay up late for exams in school, I would always sleep afterwards and would not face the computer for such a long time.

When I went home, I fell asleep and washed my face in a hurry in the morning before going to work. After a week, I found that my face was almost darkened, and the pores and acne marks seemed more serious. The skin easily entered a sub-healthy state.

  Solution points: The fact that whitening and isolation products are suitable for daily use tells us that the computer screen protective cover is untrustworthy, and the LCD screen is also untrustworthy. Maybe it is radiation. It may eliminate the adsorption of static electricity. Long-term sitting is the most common for computers.One of the racial killers.

Isolation cream with whitening effect is your favor for makeup. It also provides proper protection on days without makeup. If it can be used with makeup remover with whitening effect, the effect will be doubled.

  Planning coordinates two Although the unscrupulous summer vacation of the first long seaside student days is gone, the departmental annual tourism finally goes to the long-awaited tropical coast.

In addition to purchasing brown and colorful dresses, looking at a colleague’s list of travel essentials, I suddenly discovered that the simple sunscreen used at the time of military training seemed to be insufficient.

After I can’t get back from vacation, my skin tone is the most “tropical” in the office, right?

  Key points of the plan: Whitening sunscreen that effectively resists sunlight. We have heard the most exaggerated sunscreen effect: Going to the beach for a week, instead of being black, it is whiter.

Maybe there is a factor in the contrast between the face and the skin, but the current whitening sunscreen can eliminate ultraviolet rays and will help you do more whitening homework.

Of course, the whitening effect obtained by contrast is not beautiful, so sunscreen on the body is just as important.

  Although the first annual final award of Planning Coordinates III usually buys a few pieces of beauty products, but when the first year-end award is issued, it is still the first choice for many fresh people in the workplace when they treat themselves with a new set of skin care products.

The so-called everything is difficult at the beginning, the more basic the more difficult to choose, especially the small selfishness that hopes to take care of whitening.

Is there a set of skin care products that can make your face white and moisturized without increasing the burden on young and exuberant skin?

  Solution points: Basic skin care products with whitening function are complained that “drying” is a nightmare of early whitening products. In fact, major brands will pay special attention to the “moisturizing” indicator when launching new whitening basic skin care products.Newcomers in the workplace need only pay attention to choosing a relatively refreshing type.

Whitening and moisturizing are very important for young skin with acne sequelae. Choose a basic skin care product that can take into account, so that you can easily have clear and burdenless skin.

  30-year-old whitening high-voltage elite planners: 25-35-year-old professional women are the year of their careers, the mainstay of the department, the work and love efforts in recent years will cause the tone of life,Nursing is the most unrelievable period.

After each major planning case is resolved, the skin will be dull and suspected of being corroded. I ca n’t wait to apply a mask every night to remove rust.

  Whitening record: The protagonist has a lot of nightlife and entertainment. He often travels on business. The schedule is super launch. The pressure is heavy. Dullness and fine lines begin to appear.

Have good skin care habits, but lack sufficient skin care time.

Need to stay radiant at all times.

  Planning budget: 300-800 yuan for a single product. One of the planning coordinates of the aircraft in the toilet of the aircraft is always a bit difficult to fly across the ocean. Instead, work can pass the time faster.

Although the BlackBerry can’t be turned on, the e-mail is written on the portable computer and can be sent as soon as the plane lands.

Close the computer and walk into the bathroom of the aircraft. The complexion reflected in the artificial light in the mirror is not so pleasing to the eye. If you look closely, there are faint stains on the face.

Believing in “Today’s Affairs Today”, you can’t wait to do something right now to solve this trickier problem than work.

  Solution points: Whitening products that are convenient to carry around are portable and are the best friends of professional women.

Blemish pens, portable facial masks and sprays, and even oral whitening nutritional products are the best props to spoil yourself after oral administration. They are light and do not occupy volume and weight in a carry-on bag. They are the first element of choice.

The whitening sunscreen powder that can be secretly whitened during makeup repair is more versatile than your continuous sleeves. It can quickly remove the shine of the T zone, evenly release the whitening ingredients, and has a perfect sun protection index. It is very safe to use.  At the age of planning the coordinate TOP10 dinner at this age, it seems that some important things are achieved at dinner.

There are definitely so many important dinners in a woman’s life that can be counted in the TOP10, becoming a work dinner for a big client who talks with the boss’s table before being promoted and decides her career prospects, and.

Right’s long-awaited date, even foreboding the holiday or anniversary of his marriage proposal.

Who doesn’t want to appear in the most perfect image at such a dinner?

Is there a way to make your face shine more than the lights of a fine dining restaurant?

  Key points of the plan: The concentrated whitening mask will do something for these foreseeable moments!

A set of thoughtful whitening masks, full of anticipation for a week, and the light of the whole night.

Watching your face light up day by day advances joy and extends happiness and success.

  Three decisive moments in planning coordinates. There are decisive moments in photography, decisive moments in life, and beauty.

The old saying in China is “a white hood hides all ugliness”. The age of 25 to 35 is the key year for the change of appearance from “depending on parents” to “depending on yourself.” Whitening and maintenance during this period is definitely one of the highest priorities.

Some acne scars in adult acne, because of the pressure and yellowish complexion, and even some spots that have just secretly appeared, how do you hope to find a simple and effective comprehensive solution for efficiency, if this is an advertising plan,You will definitely call it “the decisive moment in whitening”.

  Solution points: Immediate Whitening Essence Now when a friend asks me about skin care, my first recommended product is always an essence, because a good essence has the right remedy and immediate effect. More importantly, it representsA confidence in skin care results.

Don’t let your whitening confidence pass away in tepidness, let a good whitening essence give yourself a chance to decide to change.

  40-year-old white-aged senior management planners: 35-45-year-old mature women, who have already achieved little work, are company executives, or have their own business.Hua remains confident.

  Whitening record: The protagonist is mature skin, but it is properly maintained with a few wrinkles and spots.

  Although work is still possible, the lifestyle is relatively stable, and there is enough time, money and fun to enjoy life.

The main skin care requirement is whitening + anti-debilitating, and it is necessary to draw a clear line with “yellow face woman”.

  Planning budget: around 800 yuan for one product. One of the first wrinkles in planning coordinates and the first one found in the mirror is one of the difficult times that every woman has to face. I believe that this moment can be left to 35 years old.The woman after that is already a beauty expert.

However, the problems caused by wrinkles will not make the appearance of wrinkles straight, and the skin texture and firmness that change with it will also threaten the brilliance and color of the skin.

Especially the sensitive areas around the eyes and the corners of the mouth, the dullness that can not be attacked for a long time, is actually the visual effect brought about by wrinkles.

Since everyone has to face it, the mentality can be more positive. Even if we can’t reverse the time, we won’t have a panacea for beauty and whitening.

  Solution points: The intensive whitening and anti-aging treatment is not a big problem for retaining beauty. For mature skin, anti-aging and whitening are not separate battles.

Completing an intensive treatment course is like helping you start and win a battle against whitening and anti-aging. After condensing the beauty salon treatments into a small box, it is especially suitable for a weekend afternoon and a leisurely hospitality.Once on your own skin, you don’t have to waste the round trip to the beauty salon.

  The second step in planning coordinates is luxury. This is an age where you can easily own and control luxury goods. Many things that look unattainable or inconceivable when you are younger are like irons and clouds under your successful cultivation field.Suitable for hot stamping.

In the case of whitening, some luxury products really need to realize the beauty of it when they are needed. So what exactly fulfills the ultimate function of whitening and highlights the added value of luxury?

  Key points of the plan: Whitening equipment with high-tech content goes to the top beauty salons for professional care. The most extravagant for mature senior executives may not be the price but also the time.

There are many beauty instruments for the home to help you achieve this goal.

Regardless of whether their principle is introduced or reborn, for those who have more urgent whitening and anti-aging needs, their effects are by no means comparable to traditional beauty products.

  Planning Coordinates III Forever Impromptu Mashup Spirit At this age, you know how to use the master’s cheongsam with top leather goods. Your home has cutting-edge oil paintings and famous calligraphy. Your life is like a wonderful impromptu mashup with countless elements.Bring it sparkling.

At this time you will find that facing almost the same multiple-choice questions as when you were young, are there any skin care products that can meet the skin’s basic anti-aging needs while also taking care of whitening?

Life is indeed one cycle after another, but our choices are not less and less, but more and more.

  Key points of the plan: The top skin care products that combine anti-debilitating and whitening are beautiful without traces, and if you lift heavy weights, you may have discovered that this is a realm that women of any age need to realize in the process of pursuing beauty.

Those top whitening skin care products have already prepared the moisturizing and anti-debilitating function for mature skin, because behind light weight calmness, it is often meticulous thinking and unremitting efforts.

The so-called top level is to make you easier with intimate help.

What you should know about night skincare


What you should know about night skincare

Human skin needs breathing and nutrients.

At night, when we fell asleep, the pores on our skin also opened up and we breathed freely. At the same time, we also longed for nutrition.

Those sweat pores that were opened one by one opened their mouths.

  Nourishing the skin at this time will surely make the skin full of vitality.

Otherwise, the skin will be “undernourished”.

This is why many people even apply different brands of skin creams and creams during the day, but they still have different degrees of roughness and aging on their skin.

It can be seen that skin care at night is more important than daytime.

  Nighttime skin self-renewal is the best timetable for skin care and skin nourishment. After 10 o’clock in the evening, the human body’s metabolism speed gradually decreases and eases. The tightly closed pores gradually begin to relax during the day, gradually open, and draw nutrients for the skin.

There is no harmful external factors such as ultraviolet radiation and pollution. The skin can be renewed and optimized internally to stimulate collagen regeneration and repair damaged DNA.

Facing the best moment of such beauty treatment, how to use these night care products?

  PART1: Deep cleansing, detoxifying the skin at night. The skin’s shielding function is relatively attenuated, so more harmful substances can be taken in.

Therefore, before any treatment, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed.

Choose a cleansing oil or makeup remover to clean the skin. Use a mild cleanser to complete the “secondary cleansing”. Before the cleansing oil and makeup remaining on the skin surface are washed away.

  Choosing different makeup removers for different skins oils thick makeup skins. Cleansing milk alone is not enough. It is best to use makeup removers instead of makeup removers.

When choosing a cleansing oil, oily skin can choose the main minerals and synthetic esters, which have strong cleaning power. When removing makeup, you can wash away excess oil secreted together; nowadays, the most popular cleansing oils based on vegetable oil are on the market.It is safe, non-irritating, and works on any skin type.

  PART2: Moisturizing night cream, basic repair healthy and normal skin choose moisturizing night cream is enough.

If your skin feels dry, you can increase the amount of toner and then use a moisturizing night cream.

The oil-soluble solutes in the night cream are spread in the sebum of the pores, spread rapidly in the deep layers of the skin, and are absorbed by a wide range of skin cells.

  It is preferred to use plant night cream to extract natural molecules such as plants, which are smaller than the molecules of ordinary vegetable oils, and their diffusion and penetration are relatively fast, and they are easily absorbed by the skin.

Most high-quality night creams contain plant essential oil ingredients, and the oil-soluble ingredients penetrate into the skin quickly.

  Night gel, alternate use Although the skin needs to be replenished at night, it should not be excessive.

If you do “large oil” treatment for your skin for a long time, oily skin is prone to the phenomenon of “grease”.

If this happens, you need to adjust the use of night cream to let the skin adjust and recover.

The specific method is to use a night curry cream or moisturizing oil control night cream instead.

  PART3: Mask maintenance, charge the skin. Within 12 hours after using the mask, the skin condition should be said to be very good.

It is recommended for people who have important activities the next day to improve their skin condition in time.

After finishing the mask, it is recommended to use a night cream, and use the oil in it to “lock” the nutrients in the mask to the skin to reduce the loss.

  Moisturizing mask is preferred because “lack of water” is the biggest problem that the skin faces at night. Applying a hydrating mask before going to bed can be a good solution.

Various paper masks and gel makeup masks provide moisturizing effects.

Tightly adhere to the face, leaving the eye position, it is a good paper mask to reduce the appropriate. This can not only ensure the effect of close adherence, more importantly, ensure that the nutrients are completely released into the skin.

  In addition to the finished mask, you can also use a mask paper and toner, moisturizing nutrient solution (or emulsion) to make your own mask.

Put the mask on the palm of your hand, pour toner or nutrient solution in a suitable amount to completely wet it, squeeze it, and then apply it on the board.

  TIPS: How to choose mask paper size 1 is enough.

It cannot be too small, a standard face should be able to completely cover it.

  2 Thickness is enough.

The paper cannot be thin. If it is too thin, it will be limited, and even the liquid will flow down when it is applied.

  3Thickness should be soft.

The hardness of the paper is too hard, and it will not be applied to the shell. The size is soft enough to fit tightly to the face, and the nutrients are most effectively absorbed.  4 more knives.

The mask has many and reasonable cutters, and it will be flat when applied to the face. A good paper mask will cut twelve knives, and at least eight knives must be cut at both ends to be firm.

  PART4: Essence, so that mature skin staying essence is designed for mature skin. Essence should be used after toner, its molecules are smaller than night cream, its permeability and efficacy are higher than night cream.

So there is no need to use a night cream or mask when choosing a serum.

  Anti-aging serum is preferred Vitamin A with anti-aging effect, coenzyme Q10, and ginkgo extract are all preferred.

The absolute anti-aging ingredients come from biological or plant, and its efficacy is the first starting point for selection.

The thickness of the application is to make the skin breathable, and the amount of one red bean on the face is enough.

In fact, in areas with rich blood vessels on the face, such as around the eyes, nose, and mouth, pay attention to the blockage in these areas, so that blood circulation is accelerated, and nutrients are absorbed better.

  The essence used at night does not have certain maintenance ingredients. It must be used while asleep, but some active ingredients A acid will be irritating under strong light and cause light sensitivity. It is recommended to rub at night when the concentration of the formula is high.

Other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, tend to change color and lose activity in sunlight and air. In order to improve the antioxidant effect, it is better to use it before bedtime, and it should be used up as soon as possible.

  Don’t think that morning and evening sun cream, night cream can make your skin white and snowy, smooth and beeping, in fact, this is just the surface moisturizing.

For thorough care, you need to rely on your preparation before going to bed, so that your skin can be fully rested and glow with natural radiance.

So how much do you know about the homework you must do at night?

  The first tip: “Oil” full body to relieve muscle pressure, we must first become “Guangguang Master.”

Apply massage oil or moisturizing BB oil to your body and massage slowly to make it absorbed throughout your body.

In order to avoid your favorite pajamas after oiling, it is best to change to old clothes before going to bed.

  The second tip: sugar to remove lip skin to remove dead skin on the lips, in addition to using scrub lip balm, you can also use some original methods.

For example, rubbing lightly on the lips with sugar, or rubbing the lips with a toothbrush while brushing your teeth, will effectively remove dead skin, and then apply lip balm before you can rest assured.

  Tip 3: Basically apply tea bags to eyes. This is the traditional method of applying eyes.

Apply two frozen and used tea bags to the eyelids and rest for a few minutes to restore soothing skin to both eyes.

  Tip # 4: Preventive care for women is most concerned about exposing and causing fine lines because it will betray your age.

Therefore, you should use a moisturizing lotion or cream to massage instead, which will cause complications for the skin to absorb nutrients.

  Note that when you apply the lotion, massage gently to show your gentle side as much as possible!

Otherwise it will be self-defeating.

In-depth understanding of the secret 5th tip: moisturizing hands do not have to apply hand cream when stepping on a bicycle, usually also often apply hand cream to moisturize hands, of course, do it before bed, the effect will be better, because the skin will be aNourishment of the night.

  Tip 6: Gradually exercise If you don’t want your bones to be rigid when you are old, you must start exercising when you are young, and it is best to stretch your legs before bed.

You only need to do a few minutes of exercise to change the pressure, relieve blood pressure, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism.

  Tip # 7: Do n’t drink too much. Sisters please remember that you do n’t indulge yourself in drinking too much water before going to bed, otherwise your eyes will become swollen after waking up the next day, which is very serious!

If you are really thirsty, just drink a glass or two of boiling water. Conversely, if you drink too much water, don’t go to bed immediately.

  8th tip: add water before going to bed, if the skin feels dry, you can put a spray of water containing mint oil on it, it has a moisturizing effect, if the skin is very dry, you can spray a few more times.

  Tip # 9: Restoring your feet to standing in the company for too long or shopping too long will cause pain and weakness in your feet, so you should apply lotion after showering or before going to bed to moisturize your feet, or spray your feet to relieve stressSpray on the bottom so that you can restore the elasticity of your feet.

Tip 10: Go to bed early and get up early. It is not easy for modern people to go to bed early and get up early, but each person sleeps at least 8 hours per day on average to have enough energy to cope with daily work.