Drinking health Raiders to unlock new attitudes for drinking

Drinking health Raiders to unlock new attitudes for drinking


Drinking health “Raiders” to unlock new attitudes for drinking

Autumn is a dry season because it is rainy and rainy, and the temperature is fickle.

Therefore, in the autumn, the body’s immunity is poor and it is easy to get sick.

Therefore, pay special attention to the autumn diet, so what kind of wine can you drink?

Rose rice wine Yunnan rose, co-produced with warm glutinous rice, brewing a noble wine.

The rose scent and the glutinous rice wine blend together, and the atmosphere is fragrant and delicious.

With fresh flavors and rich rose fragrance.

The romantic wine color of the rose is preserved, the taste is round and full, rich and sweet, and the subtle fragrance of rose is naturally spread.

A selection of high quality glutinous rice, pure natural well water, is made from ancient hand-made brewing techniques.

The bright and clear amber color is not high, with a strong wine, the mouth is mellow and sweet, the sweetness is slightly spicy, and the rice wine has a unique charm.

The color of the wine is light yellow or colorless, clear and transparent, pleasant and pleasant, pure and pure, soft and refreshing. It is sour, sweet, bitter, astringent and spicy. The alcohol content is above 15% and contains many amino acids., vitamins, is a nutritious drink.

The well-brewed plum wine is also compatible with the fruity wine, the fruity sweetness, and the strongness of the distilled spirits.

Incorporating the design into a delicious green plum wine, we are committed to returning the wine to its simple, pleasant nature, and the young people in the city can enjoy the natural taste from the world.

Ejiao Ejiao has a good blood, stop bleeding, nourishing yin and moistening effect, is also one of the best tonic for women to strengthen their body and beauty.

For women with irregular menstruation, it is especially suitable for taking Ejiao. Those with blood deficiency can use Ejiao to replenish. Those with more blood use Ejiao to fix the photo, and those with less blood are used for blood.

Ejiao protein protein degradation component, through the effect of blood permeation and moisturizing the skin, is conducive to the skin’s health care, taking the surface color after ruddy, the skin is delicate, shiny, elastic, and has a certain freckle effect, so it can also add skin care and beauty.